Marketing Tactics in Fortune 500 Companies

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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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[Anheuser Busch]|
This paper takes you through the most popular brewing company in the world. It explains operations, employee hiring process, and details of advertising.|

Fortune 500 Paper - Anheuser Busch
Anheuser Busch is the world’s largest American brewing company. Their corporate office is based in St. Louis Missouri and they operate twelve breweries across the United States. The company also operates eighteen other breweries in several other countries. Anheuser Busch was purchased by Eberhard Anheuser in 1860. The original name was Anheuser & Company. It wasn’t until Anheuser’s son in law joined the company and Anheuser passed away that the name would be changed to Anheuser Busch. That name change took place in 1880. Anheuser Busch owns 50% share in Grupo Modelo, which is the leading brewer in Mexico. Anheuser Busch has very few major competitors. However SAB Miller is ranked number two in beer sells in the United States, followed by Coors. All companies specialize in American style lager and American style light beer. The companies do offer other types of beer, such as; low carb, pale ale, and dark beers. Anheuser Busch gains competitive advantage and increased revenues through their advertising campaigns. They have several award winning campaigns in the last decade. Among the most successful were the “Budweiser Frogs”, and the “Here We Go” with Weego the dog campaign. The Weego dog campaign was to help support the adoption of animals, which was aired during the last Super Bowl. The “Here We Go” campaign is Anheuser Busch’s new theme and intended to show consumers that when “Bud Light shows up, the party begins” states the vice president of marketing, Keith Levy. We must not forget the world famous Clydesdale horses. These horses have been used by the company since 1933 after ending the national prohibition of alcohol. Anheuser Busch has a unique and innovative way of connecting their products to beer consumers. Anheuser Busch strives...
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