Marketing Super Bowl

Topics: San Francisco 49ers, Super Bowl, American football Pages: 2 (515 words) Published: February 5, 2013
Super Bowl Marketing Assignment
The hype of the Super Bowl was not better than the actual game. The game had a few surprises added to it such as the blackout, Beyoncé’s great performance, and the shocking comeback from the San Francisco 49ers towards the end of the game, making the game much more enjoyable. Also, I would have to say the game was better than the ads as well. The 49ers made a great game at the end, although there were some good emotional and humorous ads. The cost of these ads in this year’s Super Bowl is $3.8 million for a 30-second spot. As for last year’s, it cost $3.5 million. When producing the ads for the Super Bowl, there were advertisements before the game began and I believe that was to tell the viewers to go and out and buy their products so they can have them while watching the game. There were also ads during the game and that was to remind the viewers what they have in their pantry when they went out to buy it prior to the game. Lastly, there were ads after the game and that was to make the viewer to buy the products when they had time to get it. The Super Bowl’s ads were more emotional this year displaying the economic problems that Americans have been facing lately. The ad “God Made the Farmer” made people stop and realize the condition the economy is in and the violent actions that have been happening. Moreover, my favorite ad would have to be Taco Bell’s. It was humorous and amusing showing the older generation going out and having fun like teenagers. It was relatable to the younger generation because it was things that teenagers do all the time. It made every generation laugh, old and young, which made it a successful commercial. My least favorite advertisement would be Go Daddy’s. It showed a beautiful blonde kissing a nerdy guy, which grossed many viewers out including me. It used sexual elements but not successfully appealing to the viewers. Also, the company buys domain names making the ad irrelevant to their purpose. For me,...
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