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Chicken Charlie
* I. Company profile
A. Brief History
* Mr Ifore Yu first came about this concept while on a vacation in New York City in 2007. He discovered a chicken craze at that time and saw a couple of restaurants offering deep fried chicken smothered in their own special sauces. He then decided to bring the similar concept to the Philippines, but making it suitable for the Filipino taste, and thus Chicken Charlie was born on April 20, 2010. Why the name “Chicken Charlie”?

* Mr. Yu named the restaurant after his father, Charlie. * He decided to put the word chicken to emphasize his specialty which is chicken. * Along with the name chicken charlie, he included the tag lines “you think you know fried chicken”, and “chicken you’ve never had before”

B. Organizational chart/ Structure
Ifore Yu
Glenn Chu
James Tsoi
Rochelle Cabayanan
Operations Manager
Assistant Cook

C. Number of Branches and Location
* So far they only have 1 branch and it is located at 592 N.S. Amoranto St. cor. Banawe Q.C. * It is open from 11am-9pm
* They plan to open a new branch in Abad Santos St. in Wilson San juan. D. Number of Employees
* 9 employees
* 1 operations manager
* 2 cashiers
* 1 cutter
* 1 cook
* 1 assistant cook
* 2 preparatory
* 1 reliever
* Training for their employees..
Training period: 1month
* Food safety
* Proper way of cooking chicken
* Time for cooking
* Hairnet
* Clogs
* Company Profile
E. Various Departments and Functions
* Operations Management
- Provides guidelines for day to day operations of the restaurant. * Kitchen/Production
- The heart of the restaurant. This is where their famous fried chicken is prepared and cooked. * Purchasing/Receiving
- Handles ordering of raw materials needed. Makes sure that materials meets the required standards of the restaurant. F. Mission
It aims to introduce an innovative way of serving fried chicken which boasts of better taste and better quality. With its unique frying technique and SOY-GARLIC sauce, Chicken Charlie offers a new way of enjoying fried chicken. By using only the best and freshest ingredients available, Chicken Charlie aims to offer the public a healthier alternative with its non-greasy and transfat-free fried chicken.

G. Vision
* To set a NEW standard in serving and enjoying fried chicken.

G. Company Goals and Objectives
* To introduce an innovative way of serving fried crispy fried chicken using the double fried chicken technique. * To serve healthy fried chicken with 0 grams trans fat without jeopardizing the taste. * To have additional branches.

* Existing Corporate Marketing Strategy
* II. Existing Corporate Marketing Strategy
A. Target Market
1. Demographic Profile
* Age: YUPPIES, students from Siena QC, Lourdes QC, STC (Saint Therese’s College) and Grace and Families * Social class bands: mostly from Class A and some from Class B * Gender: Male and Female

* Existing Corporate Marketing Strategy
2. Psychographic Profile
* Most people who come here are chicken lovers who wants something other than the usual chicken with gravy tandem. * Existing Corporate Marketing Strategy
3. Geographic Profile
* CC’s customers are mostly from the people who sees the reviews in facebook, mostly around from their circle of friends, residencies from barangay St Peter, Talayan Village, Students from Siena, Lourdes , Stc and Grace School. * Existing Corporate Marketing Strategy


- Transfat free
- Freshly prepared & Always cooked upon order
- Perfectly non-greasy
- Extra ordinary taste and unique concept
The area is too small (33sqm to be exact ,rent here is...
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