Marketing Strategy Report

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MKTG 303
Marketing Strategy

Assignment 3
Marketing Strategy Models, Tools and Techniques

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In current dynamic business world, there is more and more business that is entering into local and international marketing every day. Moreover, for most organisations, they must face to all kinds of challenges and threats from their large amount of competitors and this dynamic world. For managers, they must consider about critically how to create and maintain competitive advantages by using the current capabilities inside of the organisations.

Therefore, for these organisations, marketing strategy is introduced to help them survive in the dynamic marketing environment and create and maintain competitive advantages with their competitors. Marketing strategy is identified as “a process that can allow an organisation to concentrate its limited resources on the greatest opportunities to increase sale and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage”.

In this report, emerging strategies and how do they work in marketing will be discussed to help understand how they attribute values and competitive advantages for the organisations in the dynamic global marketing environment. Two strategies which are green marketing and Web 2.0 will be explored in the report. At the same time, models, tools and techniques which is identified in Jain’s book as “an instrument that serves as an aid searching, screening, analysing, selecting, and implementing a course of action “will be discussed related to the two strategies to evaluate them so that have organisation can be aware of more issues when taking a marketing strategy.

Green marketing

The first marketing strategy will be introduced in the report is green marketing. Nowadays, more and more organisations and people concern about environment problems. Whilst, more companies have responsibilities for the greenness environment for both work and live based on social policy, ethical. Now, how to keep sustainability and reduce all kinds of waste and pollutions? In these organisations, managers have considered about the questions and think about the green marketing strategy.

Strength and weakness

To understand how green marketing worked for organisation, the initial issue will be took into account is strength and weakness. It will help manager to consider the issues more critically so that achieves organisations’ objectives successful when implementing the strategy. Below, there mentioned some possible strength and weakness from green marketing strategy:


Core Competence
Marketing leadership
Increase industries creativity
Social responsibility, ethic

For organisation, green marketing is significant to create core competency. For most industries, managers need consider about how product match the objective of green marketing strategy and satisfaction of customers. Compare with western car industries’ high quality, Toyota, a Japanese car industry, addressed a green marketing strategy to produce cars which is light and more fuel-saving to help the organisation maintain competitive advantages and match customers’ requirements. Another example of how implement strength of green marketing strategy is that Canon implements successfully green marketing strategies by producing products to achieve objectives of greenness, improving recycles materials in printer industry. Especially for business to business marketing, Canon provides products with energy-saving products; recycle printer accessories to save both Canon and its customers. Furthermore, Canon provide Managed document services which one of benefits is creating a greener working environment to help customer to satisfy their environment work requirement.


Company capabilities
Short-term investment
Technology support

However, for most local small and medium size companies, it is difficult...
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