Marketing Strategy – Price

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  • Published : March 13, 2011
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Marketing Strategy – Price

Pricing Objectives

Absolut Vodka should to have clear pricing goals, in order to give direction to the entire pricing process.

Absolut Vodka pricing objectives are:

• The maximization of long term profits

• The increase in sales volume
• The growth in market share
• Company growth
• Match competitors prices
• Survival
• Enhance the image of brand and product
• Create interest and excitement about our new product Pricing strategy

Absolut Vodka refers to the Super-premium segment. For this reason the price should remain in line with the competitor price range: a price reduction is not suitable, because it can be associated with a lack of quality. In addition Absolut Vodka standard target is less sensitive to the price, because of the product high quality and good value-for-money.

As a guide line, the Absoult Vodka price for Irish distributors should be:

|Absolut Vodka 50 ml |€1.40 | |Absolut Vodka 200 ml |€5.82 | |Absolut Vodka 375 ml |€9.02 | |Absolut Vodka 750 ml |€14.04 | |Absolut Vodka 1 L |€17.91 | |Absolut Vodka 1.75 L |€28.53 |

As a guide line, the Absoult Vodka price for American distributors should be:

|Absolut Vodka 50 ml |$1.95...
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