Marketing Strategy Plan Methodology

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Developing a Corporate Marketing Strategy:
a proven approach and premium tool-kit

01 Executive Summary 01 Values 02 Situation Analysis 02 Vision 03 Planning 03 Situation 04 Administration 04 Objectives 05 Measurement 05 Strategy 06 Budget 06 Budget & Measurement

Follow this simple, step-by-step,


develop a corporate marketing strategy your company’s values and vision.

that supports

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What is the purpose of this methodology?
 To help you develop a Corporate Marketing Strategy that: » » » Is aligned with corporate values and vision Provides the foundation for product planning and marketing Drives the Marketing Communications process and plan Product A Marketing Plan Product B Marketing Plan Corporate Marketing Strategy

Marketing Communications Plan

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How to use this consulting methodology:
This methodology consists of six stages, each with a description, steps and action items.

Action items include using our premium tools & templates. methodology is to help you:

Our intention with this

1. Identify the foundation of any marketing strategy: your corporate values and vision. 2. Analyze and assess your current situation: competitiveness, products, industry, and other forces. 3. Plan using the classic marketing mix, craft a strategy to drive your firm’s success in its chosen markets.

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What is a Marketing Strategy?
Marketing strategies are often called marketing plans or marketing communications plans. Demand Metric believes the marketing strategy is separate and unique. The marketing strategy should ideally flow from corporate strategy and is heavily influenced by corporate values and vision.

To use a metaphor, the corporate strategy is a book with the marketing strategy as one of the most prominent chapters. Other chapters in the book might be:   Operations strategy Finance strategy   Human Resources strategy Development strategy

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Scope of the Marketing Strategy
This methodology helps you develop a corporate marketing strategy, aligned with corporate strategy and vision, to guide your marketing efforts toward a specific set of outcomes. Your marketing strategy, then lets you craft specific, detailed plans in these areas that will put your strategy into action. Demand Metric has separate methodologies to help you create:

Product Marketing Plans

Marketing Communications Plan

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Outputs from this Planning Process:
Stage 01 – Core Values Worksheet Stage 02 – Vision Statement Worksheet, Business Alignment and Core Competencies Stage 03 – SWOT Analysis, Brand Assessment, PEST Analysis, Competitor Analysis Stage 04 – Marketing Objectives Scorecard Stage 05 – Market Requirements, Product Marketing Plans, Product Development Plans,

Marketing Communications Plan
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01 Values 02 Vision 03 Situation

04 Objectives 05 Strategy 06 Budget & Measurement

The place to begin any strategic planning process is with corporate values. Every firm has a set of core values that are usually

put in place when a company is founded. Often, these values are well-articulated, documented and fully-integrated into the firm’s culture. Even if a firm’s values aren’t documented, they exist and will require identification as part of this process. During this stage, you’ll examine your core values to understand how they should influence the development of your marketing strategy.

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01 Values 02...
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