Marketing Strategy on Indonesia

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Marketing Strategy: McDonalds in Indonesia

The company I choice to do a marketing strategy on was McDonalds, “Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba I’m Lovin’ it”. I choice McDonalds because it is one of the most universal and internationally known companies that will always and forever be known for its beautiful golden arches and Ronald McDonald characters. Of course, I could have gone with Kentucky Fried Chicken or even Ikea but the thought of not talking about one of the happiest places on earth, and I am not referring to Disney World, would be a disservice to our American culture. McDonalds has dominantly globalized and franchised around the world and gives new meaning to what marketing really is about. It all comes down to the elements of the marketing mix, pursuing the right strategies, choosing the appropriate channel of distribution, and finding your target market. All in all, McDonalds has rapidly dominated the fast food industry and has been able to become a world power house, cross-bordering into international markets. Target Market

It’s all about “Location, Location, Location” and making sure the “Price is Right”. McDonald’s strategic placement of its fast food locations and affordable prices contributes to the total domination of the market. McDonalds does business in 117 countries around the world (“International Franchising Information”). They are everywhere, off exits, in large and small communities, internationally, and even in major superstores and airports, making it convenient for people to continuously come back for more. Knowing their target market consists of large families with kids and people who are pressed for time, McDonalds has made their menus more affordable and they give their consumers more for their money. Examples of this can be seen in the “$1.00 Menu” or their “2 for 1 special”. Not only does McDonalds have convenient speedy service but it also provides a fun filled kid-friendly atmosphere. We have all seen those kids that drag their parents to...
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