Marketing Strategy of Mba-Itb

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I. Conduct the 5Cs Analysis at MBA ITB Jakarta

Professor Robert J. Dolan prepared “Note of Marketing Strategy” – Harvard Business School, describe five majors areas of analysis underlie marketing decision making as 5 C’s: Customer, Company, Competitor, Collaborator and Context. In conducting the 5C’s at MBA ITB Jakarta will describe as follow:

a. Customer (What needs do we seek to satisfy)
In on question “Why MBA?” mentioned that its degree designed to give you the ability to develop your career to its fullest potential, at an accelerate pace. This answer will describe the customers for MBA ITB will be the executive that has a working experienced in company and intend to develop the career. I will mark “experienced worker” as career swtichers.

Entrepreneurs, The others customers that also fit for MBA ITB programme, “why the entrepreneurs need MBA? the opportunity to build and develop the disciplinary business skills that one would typically learn on an MBA but, over and above that, students will be required to integrate and apply these skills in an entrepreneurial setting which we hope will put each of our graduates on the fast-track to fulfilling their entrepreneurial ambitions. Covering every aspect an entrepreneur needs to create a sustainable business, the Entrepreneurship MBA enables you to integrate different skills, disciplines and perspectives to identify a new business opportunity, and then to launch and grow your venture. (Gordon Institute, 2011). Benefit on self developing and business developing by seeing the opportunity inline or outline on the business that entrepreneurs have and build a wide networking will be the base foundation of willingness of entrepreneurs to join MBA ITB.

Nowadays, the fresh graduates also have interest to take post graduate, this situation has already become a trend in Indonesia. As we can see that many universities now offering double degree programme (Bachelor and Master at one length time of study). Fresh graduates will learn how the business works and it will useful in next step they wannabe entrepreneur or intrapreneur. Fresh Graduate will be the last customer category that will suit to MBA ITB Jakarta Programme.

Based on benefits that customers seeking above, it should has encourage by the real benefit shown to the customers like testimonial from alumnus, experience from them, showing the career raising,, how the business getting better and wider for the entrepreneur alumnus after following MBA ITB Programme. This will play a big role in decision making process by customers. The source of information must be easily accessed by the customers, the strongest media in accessed the information is the internet. Besides MBA ITB is has own website, the info need to share and maintain also in several forum of community. Like There is sub-forum Education that accessed by students seeking information of Pre-degree and Post-degree in Local or International. The Educative way to campaign the information is on above the line advertising like weekly talkshow on radio by analyzing current business issues and opportunity. Asked the reactive respond from listeners by opening Q&A session. Also stimulate the listeners by doing a business analysis competition based on the business issues subject or self-decided subject by the participants.

Price sensitivity will be a big issue since the ITB has a very good reputation in Indonesia. The quality of learning will be indisputable on ITB, as long as the cost inline with the quality served. The customers will be not price sensitive.

b. Company Analysis (What special competence do we possess to meet those needs?)

SBM-ITB has already have a good reputation in Indonesia and received an award from SWA as the best business school in 2009. This is the authentic proof that will remarkable to the customers....
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