Marketing Strategy of Loreal

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Creativity is the air we breathe – it nourishes our inspiration and shapes our ideas, enabling us to launch 500 new products every year. At L’Oréal, marketing – which fine-tunes these ideas – is right at the heart of our strategy. Interfacing with all our various operations – from research to production, from sales to logistics management, including brand development and brand positioning – marketing builds awareness of the products which are designed to captivate consumers across the world, anticipating fashion trends and transforming them into a source of beauty and well-being.

When you join our multicultural teams you’ll be involved in developing and promoting our products. You’ll be working in a highly competitive, fast-changing sector – a sector that shapes the trends of the future. With 25 prestigious brands spanning a diverse spectrum of lifestyles, a highly challenging global marketplace, and a steady stream of brand updates and new product launches, brand management is a key element of marketing at L’Oréal. And success in this business is all about creativity. One of the advantages of working at L’Oréal is the responsibilities you are given, even as a beginner. At present, my job includes launching products and developing promotions, analysing sales figures at brand and product level and designing specific marketing activities for our clients. In that way, I develop my analytical, commercial and creative skills, which is a perfect combination for me. At the moment, my goal is to make Matrix the top brand in the Dutch hairdressing market too! In order to achieve that, I know that I have the support of a very strong brand, high-tech products and the right working environment! Learning and experiencing marketing. I chose to work at L’Oréal because I wanted to work for an organisation where marketing is one of the core activities. This guarantees you many opportunities and possibilities to develop and gain a great deal of experience. To me, L’Oréal is also a company where many young and passionate people work and that brings together different cultures. I decided to work for L’Oréal because it is such a dynamic organisation where talented people who perform well are given a great deal of responsibility very fast. You learn to master all aspects of marketing and the atmosphere is very informal. Everyone is free to submit their views and suggestions on any issues they feel are important—that’s what propels us forward. The L'Oréal Group's main facts and figures for 2011:

 Over 100 years of expertise in cosmetics

 5 key areas of expertise: haircare, hair colour, skincare, make-up & fragrances

 27 global brands*

 Products distributed in 130 countries

 €20.3 billion consolidated sales in 2011

 €721 million in R&I investments in 2011

 613 patents filed in 2011

 68,900 employees worldwide

   Филиал «Лореаль Украина» открылся в 2004году. Он состоит из 4-ех бизнес-подразделений, 3-ех функциональных подразделений. В «Лореаль Украина» работает 210 сотрудников. Компании присвоено звание «Самый Уважаемый Работодатель 2010 года».«Лореаль Украина» является активным участником КСО-процесса в стране, поддерживая глобальные инициативы L’Oréal и инициируя собственные проекты. История компании L'OREAL.

Основателем компании L'Oreal является Эжен Шуэллер. Он родился в 1881 году в небогатой семье кондитера. Увлекшись химией во время учебы в колледже, Эжен поступает в Сорбонну и заканчивает университет в 1903 году с дипломом инженера-химика. Вскоре он начинает заниматься исследованиями в области окрашивания волос. В то время для окрашивания парикмахеры использовали хну и басму - красители растительного происхождения. По отзывам своей жены Эжен Шуэллер знал, что эти средства сложны в применении и не дают нужных оттенков.

Результатом исследований г-на Шуэллера в 1907 г. стала первая синтезированная краска для волос, которая была названа L'Aureale.Для производства этой краски в том же...
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