Marketing Strategy of Cadbury

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  • Published: October 28, 2012
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* Executive summery
* Company Analysis
* Customer Analysis
* Competitor Analysis
* SWOT analysis
* Pest analysis
* Market segmentation
* Selected marketing strategy (4Ps)
* Short and long projection
* Conclusion

Executive summery
Cadbury India is a food product company with interests in chocolate confectionery, milk food drinks, snacks, and candy. Cadbury is the market leader in chocolate .confectionery business with a market share over 70%. Some of the key brands of Cadbury are Cadbury dairy milk, 5 star, Perk, Eclairs, Celebration, Temptations, and Gems, In milk food drinks segment, Cadbury’s main product –Bournvita is the leading malted food Drink in the Country.

* Sell three kinds of confectionery : chocolate, gum and candy * Operates in over 60 countries.
* 35000 direct and indirect suppliers
* 187 years old
* 45000 people are employed

Company Analysis
The company
* Parent company: Cadbury plc
* Indian subsidiary: Cadbury india ltd (CIL)
* Cadbury is the worlds no 1 confectionery company and is 200 years young .....
The mission
Mission- “Cadbury in every pocket”

Company analysis
Market share :chocolate

Customer Analysis
Customer decision making process

Competitor analysis
1. Cadbury- Cadbury, 5Star , Bytes (chocolate snacks) Celebration, Dairy milk , Gems, perk 2. Nestle- Barone, kitkate, milky bar, munch, nestle
3. Amul- amul (choco zoo, chocomines)
4. Dairy milk is the market leader
5. 5 star- (heritage brand which came to India in 1969) has a market share of over 14%

Competitor Analysis

SWOT Analysis
* Reputed Internally as the topmost chocolate provider in the world. * The brand is well known to people & they can easily identify it from others * Cadbury the world leader in chocolate , is a well known force in marketing and distribution * Users have a positive perception about the...
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