Marketing Strategy of Apple Computer Company

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  • Published : August 12, 2011
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Marketing Strategy of Apple Computer Company

April Hemphill

Professor Brickhouse

Bus 100

August 10,2011

Apple Computers Inc. is considered to be one of the innovators in the computer industry. It brought about different changes to the industry; these changes are still visible in the present. The company’s products were used as a basis by other computer company’s in designing the specifications and physical characteristics of their product. It also serves as a meter of how products are designed. The company offers various products for different market it targets. The products made by the company offer something different. The paper will discuss about Apple Inc. and its products, and the markets it serves.

Market orientation was evident in the idea to involve staff in making the kinds of internal changes to policies and procedures that could be linked to market place performance that external customers would value. This involves more than traditional marketing skills. The more orthodox approach to try to change staff attitudes by formal communications alone was rejected as superficial and unidirectional. The shift to market orientation and customers first meant that the logic of existing organizational knowledge was reframed, seen from a different perspective. Thus, new knowledge was indeed “discovered” in a new patterning of the verities ( Lewis & Varey 2000). An organization’s strategic values are the rationale for the viability of a business and link the organization to its environment. These values are reflected in, and are a reflection of, the prevailing culture within the organization ( Lewis & Varey 2000).

The market of Apple Inc. is students and professionals who need computers and other digital technologies. This market is the one that needs devices that can keep their records and other personal or business information. This market is the one that needs devices that can give them entertainment even if...
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