Marketing Strategy -Logitech Io

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  • Published : October 16, 2007
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•Requires high behavioral change as it requires consumers to change their use from an ordinary to a proprietary digital paper which might not be cost efficient to some. Also consumers feel that keyboards are much faster and accurate than handwriting recognition. •Consumers don't feel / realize the need for this product (i.e., they are quite content with their current state which is the conventional pen and paper and keyboards on desktops and laptops). •Handwriting recognition has drawn several criticisms in the past and hence customers might be skeptical on the use of io. •Accuracy has always been an issue with handwriting recognition •ACCOT model

oAdvantage is relatively high as it reduces the clutter of paper and digitizes everything making a life lot easier. oMight be perceived as a complex product especially to those who are not technology savvy. oCompatibility low: requires high behavioral change.

oObservability low as handwriting recognition products have been perceived as failure in the past due to various bugs in the technology. oTrialability low: cannot try on a limited basis before adopting. "Why consumers don't buy?" (Article in course pack)

oEndowment effect: consumer happy with the way they currently use pen and paper and keyboards on computers, so why change? oCurse of Knowledge: Since consumers don't appreciate the handwriting recognition technology based on past experiences it might have damaging effect on adoption of IO. oIs the benefit 3 times the costs? (price too high a loss)

oBased on the 2 X 2 matrix of Figure 7 in the article it seems a product that is a "long haul" (requires a significant amount of time to be adopted).

•Tablet PC's have built in pen input hence eliminating the need for consumers to buy expensive peripherals related to handwriting recognition. •Laptops are multifunctional and are already being used by millions of people on a daily basis as you can type very...
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