Marketing Strategy for Yakult

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  • Published: September 14, 2011
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Every Body. Every Day.

Every Body. Every Day.
In the beginning...
Australia was chosen as the first English speaking country to launch Yakult due to its close proximity to Asia and an increasing desire amongst Australians for a healthier lifestyle. Melbourne was chosen as the launch city and Dandenong selected for Yakult’s purpose-built-complex. Construction of the office and technologically advanced manufacturing facility represented a $30 million investment in Australia by Yakult Honsha Co. Ltd., Japan. Despite these hurdles, there was a strong acceptance of the product once Yakult’s concept of ‘beneficial bacteria for intestinal balance’ was explained. Yakult embarked on a fully integrated marketing campaign which incorporated multi-media advertising and extensive in-store sampling.

Target Audience
Yakult’s advertising primarily targeted the major household grocery buyer.

Market Research
A successful launch posed a number of challenges. Market research determined the knowledge, attitudes and opinions of potential consumers in Melbourne and Sydney. Initial research results indicated: 1. Uncertainty regarding the product’s name, and the bottle’s shape and size 2. A lack of knowledge regarding intestinal bacteria in the digestive system 3. An unwillingness to discuss ‘embarrassing’ body functions 4. A negative reaction towards the term ‘bacteria’ and the idea of consuming it

Marketing Objectives
1. Create awareness 2. Develop consumer interest 3. Provide relevant information 4. Convert knowledge into purchases

Marketing Slogans
Yakult’s main slogan – ‘Every body. Every day.’ Other slogans included: • Get the Goodness in You • Have you had yours today? • Made Fresh in Australia

Yakult’s unique shaped bottles

Market Research

Yakult’s marketing campaign resulted in greater than 90% awareness of the product name within its first year in the Victorian market.

Every Body. Every Day.
In the beginning...
Marketing Strategy
Yakult’s unique product required an equally unique marketing and promotion strategy. The campaign was instrumental in educating consumers about the role of bacteria in the digestive system, the benefits of Yakult for ‘digestive balance’ and optimal digestive function. During the campaign a variety of marketing tools were used such as: 1. Television Since launching Yakult in Australia in 1994, our television advertisements have been used to educate Australians about probiotics, and have been an important means of communicating to a mass audience. Yakult advertisements are usually based on scientific fact and explain the features and benefits of probiotics in general and Yakult in particular. To keep our message fresh we continually film new commercials. In fact there have more than 15 different television advertisements since our launch in 1994. Sometimes our advertisements have featured actors, or animations, or a mixture of live action and computer generated effects. We have also featured scientific experts such as practicing Microbiologists, Surgeons, Doctors and Dieticians. We have even had an A.F.L. footballer in one of our television commercials. More recently Yakult has utilised short, information packed 15 second television commercials that feature a bottle of Yakult accompanied by 3 or 4 ‘fast facts.’ Most people know what Yakult is, but some do not understand what it does! So the philosophy behind our television advertising is to explain the benefits of Yakult directly to the consumer, because once the benefits are understood, consumers will have sufficient reasons to purchase Yakult and therefore traditional, ‘hard sell’ advertising is unnecessary. 2. Supermarket Sampling In order to convince people to put aside their misconceptions of what bacteria might taste like, Yakult implemented what was, at the time, the largest sampling program ever for a single product. Sampling provided consumers with the opportunity to: • Taste Yakult’s unique fruity flavour • Have their...
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