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The immense potential of the tourism sector to act as a catharsis of economic and social development has been acknowledged in national and international forums. Almost all the states in India have placed tourism on a priority platform, making efforts to exploit the tourism resources and potential offered by the state. Kerala has been significantly successful in its tourism efforts, in creating a key tourism platform for the state and positioning itself competitively in the international tourist market. In 2002, the state was able to augment its tourism earnings to Rs. 705.6 crore as against Rs. 535 crore in 2001, representing an increase of 31.8 per cent. In 2003, it recorded India’s highest growth in international arrivals at 26.8 per cent. Acclaimed as India’s only ‘tourism superbrand’, Kerala has been able to develop strengths in certain core areas of product development and infrastructure creation.

With almost all states in India struggling to establish a brand and seek a positioning in the domestic and international arena, it becomes important to make a case study of Kerala’s success story and find the reasons that may lie behind this. The Department of Tourism, Ministry of Tourism and Culture has mandated CRISIL Infrastructure Advisory to ‘identify various factors that influence the tourist to visit Kerala as a preferred destination’ so that important lessons may be learnt and replicated in other states.

The Terms of Reference of the study are as follows.

1. To conduct an in-depth study to identify the various factors influencing the tourist to visit Kerala as a preferred destination.

2. To develop, as an outcome of the study, a role model that can be replicated in other states also.

3. To undertake the study through a combination of field survey and analysis of the available data from secondary sources

4. To identify the factors/strategies/action plans etc. of the government specifically in respect of the following areas:

* Product/destination development
* Infrastructure development
* Marketing strategies in India and abroad
* Public private partnership
* Impact on local economy
* Incentives/Concessions provided by the state government * State government initiatives to contain the negative impact of tourism * Any other factor contributing to the overall development of tourism in the state.

This report has analysed all elements of the Kerala tourism sector, with a view to understanding the approach and strategy that has been adopted and the planning and policy that has preceded the significant development of tourism in the state. -------------------------------------------------



Kerala Tourism is having a global presence and with its clear strategy for growth sheer marketing activities, it has gained a lot of tourist from all over the world, Especially from UK, USA, France and Australia. We aim to understand the marketing strategy of Kerala Tourism makes suggestion and develop a model to improve the tourism within & outside state. Diversity in India is a known concept in India and its worth to market these diversities through tourism and Indian tourism and travel industry is estimated to be Rs 5533 Billion rupees as per Dun and Bradstreet. With 173.48 billion of earnings from tourism in state it will provide an opportunity to increase trade combined with other tourism also gives an immense scope to diversify its portfolio of trade opportunities to foreign...
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