Marketing Strategy for the Events

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1. Marketing Objectives

Here you should concisely state where the event is, where it would like to go and how it intends to get there.

This is a marketing term used to describe the way in which you present what you are offering to the public. It involves communicating the ‘feel’ and main benefits of the event experience through ‘key messages’. Each event will have its own unique range of benefits, which may include, for example:

• The reputation of the event
• The key elements of the programme
• What the special interest area is
• The kind of experience the event offers (outdoors/indoors/all day, etc) • If there is a unique element – for example something that is specific to the own/ event/ venue
• If it offers something that is different/better than other events/experiences

SWOT Analysis
This section should include details of the target market, market size, competitors etc. Strengths
• Unique event in calendar
• Potential for weather to affect
• Point 2
• Point 3
• Point 2
• Point 3
• To grow into new markets and invite
• Clashes with other events taking
in different age groups
place in the local area
• Point 2
• Point 2
• Point 3
• Point 3

2. Communication Strategy

Marketing Mix - Alongside effective positioning, the combination of Product, Price, Convenience and Promotion are the principal factors that are most likely to influence attendance and therefore your marketing strategy. You should include details on each of the following:

Product - what the event offers. Can you develop the product any further? Factors to consider:
• Are there any adjustments that should be made to the overall event to make it more appropriate or attractive to your target audiences?
• Does the programme/content need to be further developed? • Does the venue need to be adapted or improved?
• What is the total experience? Are you offering event ‘packages’ in association with...
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