Marketing Strategy Evaluation and Controls

Topics: Implementation, Output, Process control Pages: 2 (542 words) Published: January 6, 2013
A marketing strategy can achieve its desired result only if implemented properly. Actual performances is often differences from expectation. There are four possible cause for this difference : 1. The marketing strategy was inappropriate or unrealistic 2. The implementation was inappropriate for the strategy

3. The implementation process was mismanages
4. The internal or external environment changed substantially between development of the marketing strategy and its implementation It’s important that the potential for implementation failures be managed strategically by having a system of marketing controls in place that allows the firms to spot potential problems before they cause a real trouble FORMAL MARKETING CONTROL

Activities or processes designed by the firm to help ensure successful implementation of the marketing strategy. Elements of formal control influence behaviors of the employees before and during implementation, and are used to assess performance outcomes at the completion of the implementation process. These elements are referred to as input, process, and output controls, respectively.

Input control is that marketing strategy cannot be implemented correctly unless the proper tools and resource are in place for it to succeed. Elements of input control are recruiting, selecting, and training employees, and also financial resource. These control activities include resource allocation decisions (manpower and financial), capital outlays for needed facilities and equipment and increased expenditures on research and development.

Means activities that occur during implementation to support the strategy and objectives. Management commitment to the strategy is critical because employees learn to model the behavior of their managers. If management is committed to the marketing strategy, its more likely that employees will be committed to it as well. Commitment to the marketing strategy also means that...
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