Marketing Strategy Essay

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W1 Assignment: Marketing Strategy
Select a product or service that you have purchased recently and/or use regularly. Put yourself in the position of marketing manager for the organization and describe in your own words the marketing strategy used for this product/service, including all of the elements of the marketing mix (at least one paragraph for each of “the four p’s”). For example, where is it sold and what is the price? Also include a detailed description of the product or service -- what is it, how is it packaged, who is the manufacturer and who or what is the main competition?

The Motorola Xoom a 10.1 inch tablet manufactured by the company Motorola Mobility, Inc. is the product that I choose to review and even though it wasn’t purchased by me but was given to me for my birthday it has definitely served my purpose. I initially looked into purchasing either the Motorola Xoom tablet or the Apple IPad and after comparing them both I went with the Xoom tablet because to me it offered me more than the IPad especially since I owned an Android phone which is also the operating system that the Xoom tablet was designed and created to run on. The Motorola Xoom is an Android operating based tablet with a larger 10.1 inch screen versus that of the IPad at 9.7 inches, it has more pixels in its screen giving the customer a better quality picture and both its front and rear facing cameras have better quality graphics and picture taking capabilities than that of the IPad who has low quality VGA graphics. Although both the Xoom and IPad are offered through various cellular phone companies, unlike the IPad, the Xoom can also be purchased at Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Radio Shack and various other stores that sell electronic devices and their services. The IPad is only sold through a few Apple authorized agents. Due to its competition with the IPad the Motorola Xoom has been strategically placed in the market with it catchy ads and promotions reminding customers of the vast...
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