Marketing Strategy Dell, Hp, Lenovo and Ibm

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The marketing strategy:
As Dell being one of the big gamers in the computer market and to keep its Increasing market share and revenues that Dell gained due to its strategy that is often called as a singular strategy which is to build and sell products cheaper and more efficiently than their competitors. With HP, IBM and Lenovo adopting profitable techniques and selling their products cheaper dell was forced to adopt new techniques to its strategy to gain their market share back. HP, Lenovo and IBM:

These companies use the which relies on how their business customers view and rate their products, this strategy helps them to get constant feed back about their products, and then they try to achieve customers' requirements and give products the support needed in order to establish a strong support system. This strategy also helps to strength the relationship between the company and clients. What separates these companies from each other is the work they do on how they can satisfy their clients, that happens through offering their clients more and more services. Dell:

In the other hand Dell uses scalable enterprise strategy which is similar to dynamic computing strategy but with more connection to consumers, where dell built its customers loyalty program by trying to be more in touch with their customers with its costumer service lines. In order for Dell to rival their competitors such as hp, Dell started to sign agreements with leading software and hardware companies such as Google to exchange services and products, e.g. Google installs Dell's new servers and Dell install Google's software. Marketing Summary:

According to articles in leading pc magazines such as PC magazine and PC pro I came to the conclusion that each of these companies work to provide more services for cheaper prices, and in order to satisfy their customers they provide wide range of supporting options from installing to upgrading.

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