Marketing Strategy Amarula

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PURPOSE OF EXAMINATION MEMORANDUM AND GUIDELINE The purpose of the paper and memorandum is to:    Give students an indication of the nature, format and type of examination questions asked in the examinations; Provide students with guidelines as to how to approach the answer to questions posed in past examinations; Assist students in the revision stages of the specific module.

PLEASE NOTE:    Examination questions do not always cover all aspects of the syllabus. Thus working through the past paper only is NOT regarded as sufficient preparation for the examination. Examination papers are not always structured the same way. The IMM GSM reserves the right to alter the format of its examination papers at any time without notice.

The IMM GSM examinations are set on a higher education level and the student should therefore not only illustrate an adequate understanding of theory, but must also illustrate clearly their ability to apply course concepts to the appropriate real world examples. In doing this, the students are expected to show independent critical thinking. Even though all markers assume that students will have a level of familiarity with the content of the learner guide as well as the prescribed textbook, students will be given recognition and marks for the factual and appropriate inclusion of facts, figures and insights in their answers obtained from their exploration of other valid academic sources. When answering questions the student is required to:       Read each question carefully and thoroughly, in order to determine exactly what is required before attempting the answer. Allocate sufficient time to answer each question in proportion to the marks indicated on the examination paper. Number answers clearly and correctly. Provide answers in a legible handwritten format. Set out the answers in a structured format and formulate statements in full and...
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