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Topics: Proton, Proton Exora, Lotus Cars Pages: 3 (1059 words) Published: February 23, 2012
Proton, the Malaysian national car company, had been the market leader in Malaysia automobile market since it started in 1983. However, Proton market share has dropped from 74% in 1993 to 32% in 2006. This allowed Perodua to overtake Proton as the country's largest passenger carmaker with a 40% market share (Angus Whitley, 2007). Besides that, Proton’s brand value has also dropped from RM239 million in 2007 (rank 19) to RM150 million in 2008 (rank 23). On 23rd November 2009 the news reveals that Proton’s ranking has dropped from Malaysia’s 30 Most Valuable Brand (MMVB) ranking (Staff Writer, 2009). Thus, implementing a good marketing strategy is important. Product

Proton was established 25 years ago by Tun Mahathir Mohamad as part of an ambitious national industrialization plan, but it has been long criticized for poor quality and unimpressive design. Proton’s major problem, as everybody knows, is quality control. It is not unusual to hear public complain about the overall poor quality vehicles by Proton over the years. Complaints typically relate to failures in power windows, doors and alarm systems (National Consumer Complaints Centre, 2012). Besides that, many view Proton as a maker of cars that lack of excitement but which are relatively cheap compared with Japanese or South Korean makes. Although it is cheap compare to other foreign cars, people are more concern on quality rather than its price; this is because safety is important. One of the Proton cars’ quality control is to ensure that the quality of the cars as the number one work ethics in all operations. However, all of the evidences shown that there are the problems on the car quality. Moreover, meeting safety and environment standard of target market is one of the important point or strategy that needs to be alert by Proton. As nowadays in Europe market, they more concern on safety of the passenger and the impact of the machine or product to the environment. For example, Proton never materialized to...
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