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Market segmentation1
Turkish airlines market segmentation2
Marketing mix strategies2
Turkish airlines marketing mix strategies3
Sample Fare Deals for Turkish Flights5
Turkish airlines distribution strategies 6
Turkish airlines promotioanl strategies7
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In general terms, marketing is all related to the places of buying and selling of goods and services to satisfy customers’ needs. Nowadays marketing is the most important issues for success of every business marketing is the activity, set of institution, and process for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offers that have value for customer, clients, partners and society at – large. (Armstrong & Kotler, 2009, p.38)

For my assignment, I have chosen the Turkish airline which is the national airline of Turkey. Turkey is located in South Eastern Europe. The Turkish Aegean and Mediterranean Coasts have become popular tourist destination for people. The population of Turkey counts around 74 million.

A Turkish airline is a member of Star Airlines, and is the flag carrier of Turkey, working out of Istanbul. It services 103 international destinations and 30 domestic cities, and also had a hub in Ankara. In 2006, the airlines carried 17 million passengers. Since adding to its fleet in 2006, it now works with 101 aircrafts. In 2007, Turkish airlines were awarded a fourth star by independent air travel reviewer, Sky trax. Market segmentation

Marketing segmentation can be define as a process of breaking down a market into distinct groups of buyers who have distinct needs, behaviour, characteristics and who might be more important than others or might require separate products or marketing programs. Market can be segment by different ways based on geographic, demographic, psychographic and behavioural factors. Segmentation helps the firm to satisfy the needs of its every single customer. Turkish airlines market segmentation

First class
-Targeted to rich and high income people. They provide exclusive service for their first class passengers. Business class
-Targeted to business people who often travel.
Economy class
-Targeted to the low income groups or who wants to save some money. Special medical service
-Targeted to the passengers travelling with wheel chair and stretchers. They are transferred from the aircraft to the terminal and from the terminal to aircraft by a professional medical team- port clinic-consisting of specialized people giving service 24 hours a day. Domestic cargo

-Turkish cargo offers the fastest domestic or go service within Turkey and mainly targeted to the citizens of Turkey. General cargo
–This cargo offers service to the local and international people. It is constitutes the largest product line. It offers the service network that covers almost the entire globe from the U.S to Middle East, from Europe to Africa, including 329 domestic and 127 international destinations. Entertainment

– In entertainment section they have provided movies, music, games, audios, book and short programmes. For the international people, they have put international movies, blockbuster movies. For the kids they have kid movies, cartoons and the various types of games. For the local people they have put movies, news and radio channel in their native language. And people who loves documentary they have put different types of documentary.

Marketing mix strategies
Marketing mix is the most famous marketing term. Marketing mix can be defined as a process in which a business uses product, price, promotion and distribution (place) to market and sell its product. It is also known as the four P’s; they are price, place, product and promotion. Product – anything that can be offered to market or anything that the...
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