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Topics: Jordan, Mobile phone, Mobile Telecommunications Company Pages: 37 (8813 words) Published: October 28, 2010
1) Executive Summary:
Zain (formerly known as Fastlink), was established in 1994, to launch mobile services in Jordan. Zain quickly became the foremost telecom company in the country, owning over twenty six outlets strategically located around the Kingdom. It also relies on indirect outlets by providing logistical support to dealers, thus its brand is visible all over, building momentum and strength, and becoming one of the first recognizable brands nationally. The Jordanian telecommunications market is currently highly competitive, being the only country in the region and one of the few worldwide with four operators. When first established Zain Jordan used to be the only service provider, even when the second operator was introduced it was able to maintain its leading position due the vast technological advancements, distinguished services and products. It safeguarded its strengths and drew on the loyalty of the customers to the well known brand. As the competition grew, and new operators were introduced to the market, Zain has to resort to innovative means to protect its market share and revenues. Zain now offers unprecedented service that distinguish it from the other operators: The One Network, consumers can talk to Zain customers in other countries with the same local cost with no roaming charges, countries include Zain Bahrain, Iraq, Sudan, and soon to be Saudi Arabia. Zain was also the first in the Middle East to launch the roaming service on aircrafts, where customers can use their Zain serviced mobile phones on aircrafts to call any country of their choice. In this case study, a review of Zain marketing strategies, demonstrate the efforts of Zain Jordan to preserve its market share and revenues, in a highly competitive market.

2) Mission:
Zain Introduction (The ZAIN story: Success with a big heart) Thirteen years ago, in 1994, Zain (formerly known as Fastlink), revolutionized telecommunications in Jordan by introducing GSM mobile services into the country. Zain quickly became the foremost telecom company in Jordan, a position that it kept to this day through a far sighted policy of investment in adopting cutting edge technology to provide state of the art services to clients, and investment in community development through the most active and substantive corporate social responsibility (CSR) program in the country.     Zain’s leadership of the local and regional telecom sector is attested by its awe inspiring crop of firsts:  • It was the first Middle Eastern operator to launch MMS and mobile data services and infotainment solutions, • the first to introduce WAP connectivity in Jordan,

• The first to form mobile banking partnerships with leading banks in Jordan, and the first to support Blackberry communication services in Jordan.  • In addition, its core value of social outreach programs in education, health, youth and sports, and social development made it a role model for corporate Jordan. • First in the Middle East to introduce roaming in aircraft. • First to launch the one network concept, allowing Zain customers when roaming in any Zain operation (phase 1 Jordan Iraq Sudan and Bahrain) to be treated as local customers no roaming charges at all. • Zain continues to introduce new services and differentiated services.

This foresight and courage to endlessly change, mature, recreate the company, and better serve customers and society, made Zain in Jordan a pillar of the national economy, directly employing over a thousand Jordanians and creating indirect job opportunities for thousands more, in addition to being the choice service provider of more than two million consumers.  It was not surprising, hence, that when the company joined the Zain Group (formerly known as the Mobile Telecommunications Company (MTC)) in 2003; the deal was the largest single acquisition in the Middle East and the largest private sector investment in Jordan at the time.  By becoming a member of a...
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