Marketing Strategy

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1.0 Introduction
According to Kotler and Armstrong (2004), marketing is a social and managerial process whereby individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating as well as exchanging products and values with other people. However, marketing strategy is defined as a process that can allow a corporation to essence its resources on the best business opportunities. The organization has goals and objectives to increase sales and achieve a certain supportable competitive advantage. (Kotler, 2004) 2.0 Mission Statement and Objective of Honda

Every company consist of its own company principle. In this case, the mission statement for Honda Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. is “maintaining a global viewpoint, we are dedicated to supplying products of the highest quality, yet at a reasonable price for worldwide customer satisfaction.” (Honda Malaysia Sdn. Bhd’s Official Webpage, 2013). While the basic principle for Honda is respect for every individual which includes the three joys. However, the three joys are the joy of buying, the joy of selling and the joy of creating. Honda Malaysia relies strongly on its slogan “The Power of Dreams” which indicates the ever-changing and growing needs of the future for the society. (Honda Malaysia Sdn. Bhd’s Official Webpage, 2013)

3.0 Situational Analysis – Current Strategies
In this case, the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Honda Malaysia, Mr. Yoichiro Ueno, has specified that Honda Malaysia will reinforced their strategies for the evolution towards an even more competitive market during the year 2013. Honda Malaysia is drastically building a stronger and better brand image and expanding all its efforts to improve the company for future growth. Not only that, Honda Malaysia is also associating its focus with Honda Motor’s global strategy and strengthening its sales volume. According to Mr. Yoichiro Ueno, he indicated that Honda Malaysia will also be presenting exciting new models every quarter which include the 3 upcoming CKD models. Then, the Managing Director further disclosed that Honda Malaysia’s upcoming new models will assist them in increasing the sales of the company radically. In order to help the company to achieve it, the Melaka factory’s production capacity will be raised to 100,000 units per annum upon the completion of its No. 2 line. Furthermore, in preparation to achieve higher sales, Honda Malaysia is also upgrading its 3S network in tandem, expecting and hoping for an increased number of Honda vehicles on the road. Then, Honda Malaysia is also looking forward to increase the number of dealerships nation-wide from the current 61 to 90 within the next 3 years. Besides that, Honda Malaysia will be commencing dealership rationalization to increase convenience, availability and facilities to customers. Level up trainings will be organized by Honda Malaysia for manpower development purpose in order to provide better services for the customers of Honda. On the other hand, the organization is also implementing an inclusive After Sales strategy to further improve the brand image and enhance customer confidence as well as satisfaction. The key focus points are to improve customer service and increase customer satisfaction, along with the availability of more related services such as body and paint. Furthermore, the company would like to strengthen the business fundamentals through mechanization whereby Honda Malaysia is strongly looking forward the Honda brand synonymous with high quality products and excellent service. So far, Honda Malaysia has managed to fulfill its 2012 promises to the customers which were to become stronger by selling off a total of 34,947 vehicles whereby more than 24,000 units were sold between July and December 2012 and achieved a 7.7% market share by the end of the year. According to Honda Malaysia (2013), there are almost 14,000 Honda hybrid vehicles...
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