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Topics: Corazon Aquino, Joseph Estrada, San Juan City Pages: 5 (1334 words) Published: March 21, 2013
Glenn SantiagoMarch 21, 2013
BSBA-MM 1-5NMr. Firmo Esguerra

We all know that 2013 election is very near, so all the campaigners of politicians are very busy. Politicians have their own unique tactics to gain the sympathy and vote of Filipino voters. Some of their tactics is also can be use as marketing strategy and these are the examples:

* Refer to the observable and measurable responses or actions of consumers.

One of the senatorial candidates who use this tactic is Senator Alan Peter Cayetano. In his commercial in T.V he says that if he win in this coming election, the price of our basic needs (foods, etc.) will become cheaper. We all know that we Filipino want and buy low prize of goods, especially the middle and poor class of family.

Information Contact
* Information contact occurs when consumers come into contract w/ information, either intentionally or accidentally, about products, store or brands. This type of behavior in the prepurchase consumption stage is use as a tactic of the entire politician here in Philippines.

I think the most fame who uses this is San Juan City Rep. Joseph Victor “JV” Ejercito. San Juan City Rep. Joseph Victor “JV” Ejercito has many TV Ad, I think he have three different commercial. Then, he also has posters in almost all places in manila. He also has a cab with campaign songs that go in different barangay in Metro Manila.

Analyze Consumers and Market
* Analyze the information by evaluating consumer responses from various current and potential markets.

The senatorial candidate who uses this as a tactics is Former Las Piñas City Rep. Cynthia Villar. She analyzes first the different problem here in Philippines. And then she found out that one of the problems of our country is unemployment. So that she promise in here T.V Ad that if she win in this coming election, many of those unemployed will be given a job. Actually, she build up a factory were all the worker is fame from poor family.

For me, it is very genuine tactic because she analyze first the problem of our country and she also determined who are those people who are involves in this certain problems. We all know that in our country, the poor family is greater than the middle class and rich family and unemployed is greater than employed. I think it is one of the “alas” of Former Las Pinas City Rep. Cynthia Villar.

Evaluating for Performance Improvement
* There is often room for improvement

The senatorial candidate who improves only her tactics to gain more votes is Senator Loren Legarda. We all kknow that Senator Loren Legarda is one of the most bright and well known girl in senate, who always fight for women’s right. She is also one of the fighters for the environment. Last few months, Senator Loren Legarda is one of the supporters of RH bill and nowadays it becomes of our laws. Senator Loren Legarda portray to us that she is the senator there is moving for our stable and good life. She always improves what she does and what she has. And now she uses all this improvement as a key to be one again of the 24 senator.

Measure Current Levels of Consumer Affect, Cognition, and Behavior * Consumers think, feel, and do about a company’s product stores, or other offerings.

The one who measure current levels of consumer affect, cognition and behavior is Paolo Benigno “Bam” Aquino IV. We all know that we Filipinos love a democratic and no corruption country. This is because of our past experience from cruelty in hand of our former President Ferdinand Marcos. We all know that President Cory Aquino is the one who change our country from dictatorship to democratic. So every time we hear the name “Aquino” we always think that this person is always give importance to human right. So this is the one advantage of being Aquino.

Increasing Desired Behaviors

The senatorial candidate who uses this as a tactic is Former Senator Maria Ana Consuelo...
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