Marketing Strategy

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  • Published : September 6, 2012
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Marketing Strategy Assignment
Market Dynamics
Competition Model of Shampoo Industry

Shampoo Industry in India
Types of Shampoos
Shampoo market is segmented into:
* Cosmetic (shine, health, strength)
* Anti dandruff
* Herbal

Shampoo Market in India
* Size of Shampoo market is Rs 9000 mn
* Anti dandruff shampoo is approximately 20%
* Sachet Sales is approximately 70%

The top three brands of shampoo are:
1. Clinic Plus
2. Head & Shoulders
3. Chik

Shampoo Industry in India
Competition Model:

Market Leaders| Market Challengers| Market Followers| Nichers| Clinic Plus| Head & Shoulders| Chik| Dabur, Others| HUL| P&G| Cavin Kare| Others|

Clinic Plus- HUL Brand
Target Customer: Young girls typically between 8-14 years
Influencer: Mother
Benefits: Strong and long hair
Head & Shoulders- P&G Brand
Target Customer: Both male and female between18-44 years suffering from dandruff Celebrity used in ad: Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan
Influencer: Expert (dermatologist) or celebrity
Benefits: Dandruff free healthy hair
Chik Shampoo- Cavin Kare
Target Segment: Semi-urban, rural women age between 18-44 years Influencer: Mother, friends
Benefits: Soft and beautiful hair for long time

Shampoo Industry in India
Top 10 Advertisers Share aggregates to 98% of overall Shampoo/Conditioners TV ad Top Advertisers| %Share|
HUL| 30%|
P&G| 25%|
ITC Ltd| 16%|
L’oreal India Pvt Ltd| 11%|
Ganapati Herbal Care Pvt Ltd| 5%|
Dabur India Ltd| 2%|
Cavin Kare Limited| 2%|
Paras Pharmaceutical Ltd| 2%|
Marico Industries Ltd| 2%|
J&J Ltd| 2%|

Segmentation of Shampoo Market
Shampoo market is segmented on three benefit segment such as: * Cosmetic (shine, strength & lustre):
E.g. Sunsilk, Pantene, Clinic Plus, Chik
* Anti-Dandruff:
E.g. Clinic All Clear, Head & Shoulders
* Herbal:...
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