Marketing Strategies L’oreal

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L’Oreal is challenged on how the company can still keep its place as a leader in the cosmetics world, which is synonymous with beauty, innovation, and scientific excellence in more than 100 countries (Message from the Vice Chairman, 2013). It continues to be the source of expertise in presenting all its retail distribution channels, hair salons, department stores, supermarkets and pharmacies hence knowledge is also shared with the many; it also maintains its being a leader in many sectors of the health and beauty market in line with hair, skin and sun care; it is also a manufacturer of leading brands in the United Kingdom (Message from the Vice Chairman, 2013). Moreover, L’Oreal UK is also proud about its technological innovation as its backbone for its brands that are all focused on scientific research, hence, it finds its way to encourage science education and support to young talents the recognition of deserving students who are into science studies. These efforts are aimed to encourage need breeds of scientists being developed through global partnerships with the Women in Science Program, and UNESCO (Message from the Vice Chairman, 2013). L’Oreal external environment complements its business because what happens outside concerns its market. Take for instance, the power consumption of competitors have got something to do with “L’Oreal’s business. The need to reduce energy consumption is taken as a challenge because this factor could affect not just L’Oreal’s competitors but also as a company because the cost of energy has impact on use of materials, lowering of packaging weight, and carbon footprint, intensifying on “green chemistry”. All of these things have references to L’Oreal raw materials and development of business strategies to make the company competitive, a leading cosmetics and beauty products not just in the United Kingdom but also in the world.


Internal Environment - Distinctive Competence

L’Oreal United Kingdom assumes diverse roles in promoting marketing strategies. L’Oreal begins with developing its people to have distinctive capabilities that are uniquely developed around their personal experiences, that things they enjoy, and the directions they want to pursue. Together with these are also added abilities taught to them to broaden their skills and knowledge for the short-term and long-term developments of their careers. L’Oreal comes up with high-profile projects to broaden opportunities for them to shine in their respective interests, roles and responsibilities and skills. L’Oreal believes in the potential of the young people to know and learn new things with the Management Training Team. The evolving needs of the business go with them the evolving capabilities of people working behind the company; the ability of the company to motivate them, and to expose them to dynamic, fast-paced and innovative career enable the company to product quality products, innovative and well-researched products. L’Oreal sets demanding goals and eliminates obstacles that hamper growth by focusing on quality and attention to detail; its standards are never compromised; the roles and responsibilities of people are always reviewed to find ways to improve and even exceed expectations; the passion for new projects which speed up energy and infuse flexibility are very distinctively L’Oreal. L’Oreal looks for quality people working for the company across the globe. Considering the very competitive market, finding the right people is based on a combined strategic thinking and daily operational challenges that are pursued with a vision of setting standards to achieve it. Through conducting consumer research to determine new product opportunities, L’Oreal intends to build strong international relationships with the commercial and logistics teams so that by increasing competitiveness, the company is able to develop promotional schemes that ensure smooth supply-chain process (The Scheme, 2013)....
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