Marketing Strategies of G'Five and Apple

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|Marketing Strategies of G’FIVE & Apple |July 30 | | |2011 | | | |


Symbiosis Institute of Telecom Management

Table of Contents
2.1 Years 2000 – 20035
2.2 Years 2004 – 20066
2.3 Years 2007 – 20097
2.4. Year 20109
2.5.The Current Indian Market Scenario9
3.Motorola: From a market leader to its downfall in ten years12 3.1. Overview12
3.2. Successful Years: 2000 to 200713
3.3 The Fall14
3.4 Current Status19
4.The Apple iPhone: A Leader in Innovation21
4.1. Overview21
4.2. Entry into the Mobile Phone Market21
4.3. Segmentation Strategy of Apple iPhone22
4.4. Features of iPhone22
4.5.Market of iPhone in 201123
4.6. Apple in India24
4.7.Future of iPhone27
5.Rise Of G’FIVE28
5.1 Segmentation Strategy of G’FIVE31
5.2 Targeting Strategy of G’FIVE32
5.3. Positioning32


Over the last decade the mobile handset market has seen tremendous changes both at the global and the Indian stage. The expanding consumer base and their ever-changing demands have forced the vendors to come up with innovative and differentiating marketing strategies. Established market leaders of the past, like Motorola and Sony Ericsson have slipped, and their positions have been taken up by industry innovators (Apple & Samsung) or by providers of cost-competitive technologies and variety (G’five, Micromax).

Today handset companies are employing marketing strategies targeting specific segments of the user base. The report will discuss how the mobile handset market has transitioned over the past ten years, how G’five has suddenly come up to be one of the top five vendors in India, why the Apple iphone is predicted to be the global leader in the handset market by 2015 and what the reasons are for the fall of Motorola.

As a conclusion, this report will also comment on the sustainability of the growth of the Chinese handset manufacturers.


The Oxford dictionary describes the cell phone or mobile phone as “a telephone with access to a cellular radio system so it can be used over a wide area, without a physical connection to a network.” In contemporary usage though, it means much more than just a phone that is without wires and that can be used to talk to people. An individual’s cell phone now tells the world at large about his likes and choices, financial status, social circles, his technological knowledge, his design sensibilities and much more. In short a mobile phone has now become an important part of a person’s identity. No doubt that it is a necessity for modern life as it connects people across the globe, but a cell phone is as much a part of an individual’s style statement as is his car or house. Over the years the mobile handset market has seen tremendous changes to this effect. The customer base has moved on from needing mobiles for communication purposes only to using them as a one-stop device for fulfilling their information and entertainment demands. Apart from talking and texting, the modern customer wants to surf the net, play games, check his mail, watch videos, check out his friends’ pictures over his social networking account, listen to music etc. With all these features incorporated in his phone he also wants the gadget he carries to look sleek and stylish. The challenge for the mobile handset market players now then is to meet all afore mentioned expectations of the customers successfully. Responding to the rapidly evolving demands of the customer, the mobile handset manufactures have been continuously on their...
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