Marketing Strategies of Pepsi

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  • Published : October 31, 2010
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Marketing strategies of Pepsi
Eastern Europe, Mexico, china, Saudi Arabia and India markets have now become the hotspots for Pepsi as the increasing global advertising strategies are escalated. As such, Pepsi now operates in more than 190 countries and with 37% global market share. Pepsi recognizes the need to carefully integrate high standards in various processes of supply chain especially at the retail level. The company strives for excellence specifically for the products or brands as well as packaging, marketing and advertising. The rationale behind this is that customers deserve better quality products and so quality controls are realized in manufacturing and bottling process, packaging and from warehouses to store shelves.  Pepsi markets its products on the basis of localization process wherein local bottlers determine which products to pact and sell in their territory based on local consumer demand and other market factors. Pepsi has balance of promotions and communicates through celebrity endorsers as well as on the Internet, newspaper and sponsorships. Finally, Pepsi promotes its brands in supermarkets through keeping discounts and great prizes to grab the attention of buyers.  

Marketing strategies of Coke
 Today, Coke has 300 brands with diverse packaging also such as bottle, aluminum cans and plastic bottles. For Coca-Cola, marketing strategies are used to differentiate the products from the competitors and to obtain competitive advantage. There are two basic marketing strategies: extension or product differentiation and innovation. The former was seen as a response to the increasing consumer demand while the second introduces new purchasing methods such as vending machines via SMS and the Fridge Pack consisting of cans packed 2-by-6. Further, the pricing strategies differ depending on the location where it is sold including retail stores, convenient stores and petrol stations. Nonetheless, the company recommends selling Coke products at a fixed...
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