Marketing Strategies for Julie's

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Marketing Strategies For Julies Biscuit
Market Segmentation Strategy
Geographic Segmentation
In rapidly developing Malaysia, the demand for better quality biscuits is on the rise. Julie’s products are well received by Malaysians as well as overseas consumers. Julie’s has become a household name in the relatively short period. Since 2005, Julie’s biscuits have been exported to more than 50 countries, including Asian, the Middle East, Japan, Taiwan, China, Mongolia, Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, India, France, Spain, Portugal, Pacific islands, Indian Ocean islands, South Korea, Africa, the US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. In Malaysia, Julie’s biscuits are widely distributed through all major hypermarkets, supermarkets, mini markets and other retail outlets. With the goal of becoming a renowned international brand, Julie’s maintains a strong commitment to producing better quality biscuits, catering primarily to the middle and upper class consumers. With this focused commitment, Julie’s aims to be a regional leader in quality biscuits. Product-User Segmentation

Julie's commitment to "bake better biscuits" is targeted on quality food safety and hygiene, by using selected premium ingredients free from harmful artificial additives and colouring. It has always been the company's prime interest to build long-term consumer confidence and trust in its products, comprising a variety of crackers, cream sandwiches, wafer rolls, waffles, wafer and cookies. Julie’s is famous for its Peanut Butter Sandwich and Love Letters, which have grown to become market leaders in their respective categories. The exceptional quality of these products is the result of better baking technology and the use of premium ingredients, albeit at a higher cost. That is the price Julie's is willing to pay. Lifestyle Segmentation

Julie's commitment to food safety starts from its raw materials. All materials are purchased from reliable and reputable suppliers. They are delivered neatly arrange on...
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