Marketing Strategies by Garcia Pizza

Topics: Marketing, Pizza, Pizza delivery Pages: 18 (4411 words) Published: October 25, 2012
To: The Managing Director

Title: What marketing strategies can ‘Garcia’ use to increase sales?

Page Number
1.Title Page1

2.Contents 2

3.Research Proposal3 - 4

4.Executive Summary5

5.Introduction6 - 8
6.Procedure and Method9

7.Main results and findings10 - 18

8.Analysis and Discussion19 - 22
9.Conclusions and Recommendations23 - 25

10.Limitations 25

11.Acknowledgements 26


13.Appendices28 - 36

Business Proposal and Research Question: -

Research Question: - What marketing strategies can ‘Garcia’ use to increase sales?

Rationale: - Garcia is a new pizza company that has recently opened in Mumbai. Although its pizza is affordable and of superior quality, it has not been able to capture a large percentage of the market share. Hence, it is genuine problem faced by ‘Garcia’ and as I am interested in marketing, I want to test my ability to devise appropriate marketing strategies and resolve the issue at hand. It will be interesting to carry out research to see what marketing strategies ‘Garcia’ can use to increase sales.

Theoretical framework:-
Section 2: The External Environment
Consumer tastes
SWOT analysis

Section 3: Marketing
Market Research
Marketing Mix with the 7 P’s
Promotion Techniques
Marketing Strategies

Primary Research:-
1.Interview the owner of Garcia to find out the marketing objective of the firm, marketing strategies already implemented by Garcia and the target market. 2.Give the customers questionnaires to find out their perception of the company 3.Survey potential customers to understand their likes and dislikes

Secondary Research:-
1.Use web based research to find marketing strategies adopted by competitors and other pizza companies. 2.Read books on the marketing strategies used by companies to increase their sales.

1.There maybe statistical inaccuracies while collecting data. 2.It will be difficult to collect data from customers as ‘Garcia’ home delivers its pizzas’. 3.The owner may not cooperate and give all the financial and operational details required. 4.The recommendations given do not take into account the financial constraints on the business

Action Plan
July – Submit research proposal
August – Finish data collection. Interview the director and carry out the surveys September – Main results and findings
October – Analysis and discussion of results
December – 1st draft
February – Final draft

Word Count - 300

Executive Summary:-
Garcia is a private limited pizza company that opened in 2004. It has been growing rapidly and currently has 9 outlets in Mumbai. The Kemps Corner outlet, located in a central and easily accessible area of Mumbai, has the greatest budgeted variance and lowest sales. Hence, it is genuine problem faced by ‘Garcia’ and as I am interested in marketing, I wanted to test my ability to devise appropriate marketing strategies to resolve the issue at hand. Primary research such as interviewing the marketing manager and owner and conducting surveys of potential and regular customers as well as secondary research helped me discover weaknesses in their marketing strategy. After analysing the results of the market research, I was able to make suitable recommendations i.e. changes that have to be made to the marketing mix especially process, people, physical evidence and promotion in order to increase sales. However, there are limitations as the report does not take into account the financial feasibility of the recommendations. There was also...
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