Marketing Strategies

Topics: Marketing, IPhone, Smartphone Pages: 49 (17751 words) Published: April 12, 2013
Apple Inc.
Apple Inc.

Apple Inc.
Apple Inc.

Table of Content:
Statement of Originality and Authenticity5
1.1 Background to the research study8
1.2 Purpose for undertaking the research:9
1.3 Statement of Problem:9
1.4.1 Project aim & objectives10
1.4.2 Research Limitations10
1.5 Importance of research11
CHAPTER 2: Literature Review13
2.1 Introduction13
2.2 Meaning of Marketing13
2.4 Types of marketing strategies17
2.5 Buying trend of Smartphone24
2.6 Marketing Strategies of Apple to sell iPhone in India25
2.7 Effectiveness of marketing strategies implied by Apple to sell iPhone in Indian Market28
CHAPTER 3 – Research Methodology31
3.1 Introduction31
3.2 Research Approach31
3.3 Research Techniques31
3.4 Research Design32
3.5 Time Horizon32
3.6 Data Collection methods32
3.7 Secondary research33
3.8 Resource requirement33
3.9 Data analysis35
3.10 Analysis of competitors35
3.10.1 CASE STUDY - Apple Inc.36
3.10.2 CASE STUDY - Nokia40
CHAPTER 4 -- Data Analysis44
4.1 Introduction44
4.2 Telecom sector analysis44
4.2.1 History of Indian telecom sector44
4.2.2 Evolution of Smartphone44
4.2.3 Major players45
4.2.4 Need for an iPhone46
4.2.5 IPhone’s future in India47
4.4.6 Reasons of iPhone failure in Indian market48
CHAPTER 5 – Conclusions and Recommendations50
5.1 Conclusion50
5.2 Limitations of the research50
5.3 Implications51
5.4 Recommendations51

Statement of Originality and Authenticity
I confirm that the dissertation I am submitting is an original and authentic piece of work written by myself that satisfies the University rules and regulations with respect to Plagiarism and Collusion. I further confirm that I have fully referenced and acknowledged all material incorporated as secondary resources in accordance with the Harvard system.

I also certify that I have taken a copy of the dissertation, which I will retain until after the Board of Examiners has published the results, and which I will make available on request in pursuance of any appropriate aspect of the marking and moderation of the work within the University Regulations.


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Course: Masters in Business Administration

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I hereby take this opportunity to acknowledge my gratitude to all those who guided me to make this study a success.

I am very thankful to the grace and blessings of the Great Almighty who helped me in the completion of this remarkable and motivating study and thus giving this auspicious moment of completing my MBA studies at Coventry University.

The accomplishment of my research was possible only due to the support and understanding of my supervisor……..My sincere appreciation goes to him for the support, insights and feedback during the planning and preparation of this research.

I am grateful to my classmates who directly or indirectly helped me in successfully completing my research. Additionally, I wish to acknowledge the support of respondents who participated for this study completing questionnaires.

My heart filled thanks to my family and friends for their continual support while undertaking this study.


In last ten years, the entire world experienced a mobile revolution. The number of wired phones like the landlines that were present at the workplace and homes were cut down to more than half. The reason behind this change was the introduction of mobile phones in the market. Mobiles phones became increasingly popular because they were wireless, easy to use and affordable. To top it all, the fierce competition amongst...
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