Marketing Strategies

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Marketing strategies are required to increase the sales and profits of any business. At the planning stage, you should be able to identify which of those proposed ideas will be best suitable to the nature of the product you’re going to market. And since it is an Online Review for aspiring Accountants, there are a lot of marketing strategies which can be used and may lead your business towards success. And here as follows: 1. Promotional Strategy

USING SOCIAL MEDIA (eg. Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
Through this, you’re making the market to become more aware on what you’re offering. It is one of the most effective ways as well because students nowadays are involved in social networking sites. Like in Facebook, you can create a fan page out there and can put all the necessary information about the product. In Youtube also, try to upload a video wherein, you’re advertising and enumerating the FAB (Features, Advantages, and Benefits) of your product. Just make sure that the video is captive and enticing so that viewers could make use already the so-called viral marketing(will be further discussed in number 2)

SPONSORSHIPS (e.g. College Alliance Event)
Since our target audience will be the graduating students, we can sponsor some of the seminars the school wants to conduct. Through that, the school itself will be actively encouraging all the graduating students to join our online review center. In addition to that, we can give leaflets also and post posters during the event, thus, making students aware of our offered service.

With this, we, ourselves are going to visit a University (it’s better if this University is specializing the Accountancy course) then try to remote our online review center. Give them the benefits of using such, like if it’s easy to navigate, easily accessible, and the convenience of such. * If you know what I mean NOTE: Dunno if it’s feasible pa, expensive kasi pag ippatry mo to...
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