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Discuss the difference between the global and domestic marketing strategies.


With the rapid development of economy, the domestic businesses are more and more faced with competition from the international market. Definitely every market has its similarities and differences no matter at home and abroad, but marketing concept is generally applicable which is satisfying people's need. 'Marketing strategies means a strategy that integrates an organization's marketing goals into a cohesive whole. Ideally drawn from market research, it focuses on the ideal product mix to achieve maximum profit potential. The marketing strategy is set out in a marketing plan.' (Business Dictionary, n.d.) So, the author identified the differences between global and domestic marketing strategies in theory and views.

The steps of marketing strategy.

Enterprise marketing management process contains the following four steps: analyzing market opportunities, selecting target markets, ensuring the marketing strategy, managing marketing campaign. ( MBAlib, 2008.)

First of all, there are not too many profitable marketing opportunities in the fierce competitive buyer's market, enterprises should do much investigation about market structure, customers and competitors in order to identify, evaluate and choose market opportunities well. Enterprise should be good at looking for all kinds of market opportunities by finding reality and potential demand of customers, and it also should through the assessment of various market opportunities and ability of the business to ensure which is the most suitable one. After evaluate the market opportunities, then begin to research and choose the target market, this step is crucial content for studying marketing strategy. Enterprise should enter the market segmentation to analyse the feature, demand trend and competition of each market segment, and in terms of company's superiority to choose their own target market. Setting marketing strategy is the key link in marketing management, Formulation of marketing strategy is reflected in the design of the marketing mix. Enterprise optimize the elements of marketing such as quality, packaging, price, advertising and sales channels to satisfy the needs of target market. The product strategy, pricing strategy, place strategy and promotion strategy should be emphasize considered, namely 4Ps marketing mix. The marketing activities management is the final process in enterprise marketing management, marketing management can not leave the support of the following three management systems:

a, Marketing Planning. Business not only establish a long-term strategic planning to decide direction and goals, but also should have specific marketing planning and target to concrete implement strategic plan.

b, Marketing Organization. Marketing planning needs a strong marketing organization to perform. According to the program objectives to set up an efficient marketing organization structure and do a series of management activities such as training, screening, motivating and evaluating for the organization personnel.

c, Marketing Controlling. In the process of implement marketing plan, it is necessary to control the system to ensure the implementation of marketing objectives. Marketing control are mainly include enterprise annual plan control, enterprise profit control, marketing strategy control and so on.

So, it can be seen clearly that the three systems of marketing management are interrelated and interact on each other. Marketing planning is the guidance of marketing organization, marketing organization responsible for implementing marketing planning and the implementation of the scheme need to control, ultimately, the plans will be realized.

What is marketing.

Marketing is existing everywhere, the most activities of people's daily life are inseparable with it, which is affect our daily life deeply. In 1950s, marketing has formed a complete subject...
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