Marketing Solution Assignment

Topics: Marketing, Pearson PLC, Business Pages: 4 (1251 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Marketing Solution Assignment-Week Three
University of Phoenix
Myriam Montañez
November 21, 2012
Professor Magda Oquendo

Marketing Solution Assignment-Week Three
Marketing Solution Assignment-Week Three is the individual assignment we have this week. For this week assignment the business chosen is our own family businesses. Mamis’ Pasteles was created in 2002 when my mom retired and moved back to Puerto Rico. We sell “pasteles” which is a traditional complement Puertorricans use as part of the Christmas dinner. We have our regular customers’ especially in Christmas time but we want to expand our business. We want to let know other potential customers that we are able to fulfill their order anytime during the year. The problem is that we have depended too much in the mouth to mouth advertising done by family and closed friends. We as a marketing team have not exposed the product to other customers outside our social group. The selling of our product makes a big difference in our moms’ income because as we mention before that she is a retired person and this make a big difference in her monthly income. As a team we need to find a reasonable solution to expose our product to other potential customers without incurring in excessive costs in marketing because our budget is limited. The group of people that are in charge of marketing our product believe that if we start using a different approach to advertising our product we will have a successfully campaign. As a team we thought that the mouth to mouth advertising in our social group was going to be enough to fulfill the needs of the primary beneficiary of the business who is our mom. The marketing team got together and decides that they need a better strategy to approach other customers to get interested on buy our product. As possible solutions the marketing team came with a list of advertising the product. * Doing flyers and put them in bulletin boards in the community. *...
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