Marketing: Sense and New Balance

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Company Case 11.1: New Balance “Experiences” China
August 26, 2011

New Balance has been in business for 103 years. The company started in Boston manufacturing shoes of police officers, waiters and any other occupations that kept people on their feet all day. In the 1970’s New Balance switched its focus and decided to make athletic shoes for all athletes.

New Balance marketing department decided it was time to go overseas and to make money so, they open retail store in 2010. The stores are called Experience Stores located in Beijing and Shanghai. New Balance stores decoration emphasizes on the company’s heritage and accomplishment over the years. The marketing team of New Balance uses five senses to market the Experience Store in China. From the time customer walk in the door they get the feeling they’re in a different era from the music to smell of the store. A DNA ribbon” in each Experience Store accents the company’s history and accomplishments. The store setting promotes DNA concept and brings customer to the second floor where the store has a more modern setting. New Balance was planning its entry to China the Experience stores shows the concept of sensory branding that is the process in which is a brand experience that calls upon all of the senses in reflecting a company’s brand. To keep the concept of Total Fit the stores include healthy running tips, pointers on foot care and input from well known runners in China.

1. Do you think opening retail stores in China is a good move for New Balance? Why or Why not? I think it was a good move for New Balance to move to China. It’s a good idea for any company or any company to expand their business overseas it is just good business practice this day and age.

2. New Balance calls its new retail stores “Experience Stores” in your opinion what does the company mean by experience and how does that experience translate to sales? I think New Balance call its retail stores Experience...
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