Marketing Segmentation of Lee Kum Kee

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We believe that the marketing segmentation of Lee Kum Kee’s soy sauce is a mixture of demographic, psychographic and benefit segmentation. Since customer’s buying motives comes from their own habit and their own lifestyle before they consume soy sauce as they will use the same brand or the same soy sauce when they find that soy sauce is what they want and they need.

Demographic segmentation consists of dividing the market into groups based on variables such as age, gender family size, income, occupation, education, religion, race and nationality. Lee Kum Kee takes care about the minority with different religion, Lee Kum Kee establishes different labels to show whether that kind of soy sauce is suitable for them or not. For example, Lee Kum Kee recommends the Double Deluxe Soy Sauce to the Kosher as the ingredient of this soy sauce is conformed to the rules of Jewish religion.

Psychographic segmentation is a method of dividing markets on the bases of the psychology and lifestyle habits of customers. Lee Kum Kee cares those people with different lifestyle, such as, people who concern much about their health and the vegetarian. For example, Lee Kum Kee has produced Salt Reduced Light Soy Sauce for those who concern their health much. Also, Lee kum Kee has recommended some kinds of soy sauce for the vegetarian to use.

Benefit segmentation is A form of market segmentation based on the differences in specific benefits that different groups of consumers look for in a product. Lee Kum Kee has provided lots of products to satisfy different needs of the people including those who affected by the demographic and psychographic factors. Apart from the above mentioned, Lee Kum Kee endeavors to provide a larger product variety. Recently, Lee Kum Kee introduces a new soy sauce without adding any MSGs.

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