Marketing Segmentation for Mcdonalds

Topics: Target market, Marketing, Target audience Pages: 7 (1743 words) Published: October 28, 2011
Choose an advertisement of your choice and write your comments according to the following guidelines:

1. What is the main message of the advertisement? (20 marks)

The main message of the advertisement is to maintain sales by as follow:- a) To introduce a new product like the Bubur Ayam McD (McDonald’s Chicken Porridge) .

b)To announce the modification of the product package like the change of the price by using the McDonald’s coupon and the special offer available during the festival season.

c) To catch new customers entering the market for the first time during the festival promotion time.

d) The changing needs of the target audience.
As people grow in their lives, they have more requirements and purchasing needs. McDonald’s is aware of these changes and aims their messages accordingly.

e) The competitive nature of the marketplace.
People forget about the McDonald’s products if they are not constantly reminded of the benefits to be obtained from using them. There are many advertisers like the McDonald’s out there trying to attract the same customers or consumers , thus it can be very dangerous if McDonald’s as the advertisers to relax their efforts.

f) With the help of the increased sophistication of advertising helps to build and maintain McDonald’s brand name, image and relative values of the poroduct may be lower in the opinion of the customers as perceived by them if McDonald’s does not keep in pace with the competition for advertising.

e) McDonald’s products have to be updated and improved as the advances in the technology and the customer expectations could mean that a change in the basic presentation of McDonald’s product is necessary , e.g. the introduction of fast food in the neighbour. McDonald’s provides efficient service by opening 24 hours a day so that we can dine in our meals whenever we want in. They provide a head start meal with selling a spread of breakfast delights from as early as 4am at cheap prices. The outlets of the McDonald’s are strategic located in convenient places for customers to patron.

2. List the possible objectives of the advertisement. (20 marks)

The possible objectives of the advertisement is to inform the customers of the latest promotion and activities or events, persuade them to patronize the restaurants to dine in meals thee and remind them of the latest discounts and special offers.

The following is the services they provide to attract customer to come and visit their outlets.

When food is concerned, they bring in rice into their menu in the restaurant in order to adopt the local culture. For example, Bubur Ayam McD (McDonald’s Chicken Porridge)

As for the drive-thru lane, the food McDonald’s implements ‘Made for you’ serving concept , for instance they put certain investments to redesign their old kitchen with the new equipment from the McDonald’s Corp requirement Following the specification of the US standard. For example, their counter is linked with kitchen.

When service is concerned, they set to serve first for the senior citizen and pregnant woman for not caught in the long queue during ordering their meals has to be well-packed within a minute after placing the order.

McDonald’s tends to be production-orientation in a situation where the priority of management is given a time frame to increase the efficiency of production and also to increase the rate of output in a time given.

As for the marketing-orientation is a more modern way of doing business. The priority of the McDonald’s management is to focus on the customer needs which emphasis to gain marketing information through research, leading to the analysis of markets to identify target market segments in which the organization can best serve their customers.

By having identified a target market, the organization then adjusts its organization and formulates a marketing mix of product, price, place, distribution and promotion so that customers...
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