Marketing- Sales Strategies

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Part A
Task 1: Sales strategy
1.1 Ansoff’s strategic growth model
Marketing Penetration
Refers to a growth strategy in which the business focuses on selling existing products into existing markets.
Market Development
It is the growth strategy in which the business extends their existing products into new markets.
Product Development
This growth strategy refers to business that develops new products for existing markets.
Refers to the growth strategy in which business markets news products into new markets. 1.2 The marketing strategy
1.3 The best sales strategy for VW SA
The most suitable strategy for VW SA is the enterprise selling strategy; this strategy is not only based on person-to-person relationship but on company-to-company relationship. And since VW SA wants to capture the long-term prosperity of the brand and want sound customer relations this approach will best work for VW SA. It is closely linked to the societal marketing concept, in that it takes a long term view of the customer and working with them for their long-term wellbeing. Since VW SA wants a network of committed dealerships its wise for their sales team to use the enterprise selling approach because it base on not only a person-to-person relationship but also company-to-company relationship. They must turn their sales strategy into a corporate strategy so that they can expand the Skoda market by having strategic goals before they can launch the cars because this launch will be successful only if there is good marketing plan.

Task 2: Personal selling

2.1 Principles of personal selling
Customer orientation- knowledge and understanding of the customer so that products and services may fit customer’s needs.
Sales professionalism, not just in order-taking and pressuring prospects, but order being achieved through professional conduct when selling.
Customer problems solving approaches based on courteous approach.
Encouraging teamwork and rewarding personnel appropriately.
Building lasting relationship with prospects and customers.
Winning and retaining customers without exerting undue pressure.

The most effective principle for VW SA can use is to build lasting relationship with their prospects and customer for the wellbeing and long productivity of VW SA. 2.2 Factors affecting personal selling

Micro environment
Management- they determine the number of salespeople and the budget of the sales department.
Pricing policies- by policies where salespeople are empowered to give discounted or negotiate prices within certain margins.
The product or services- the service or product being sold also affect the approaches used by personal selling and influence the recruitment and training. The Macro environment
Political legislation
Change of laws and imposing taxes on certain product may make it difficult for sales people.
In times of economic hardship, salespeople may have to change sales strategies and focus on lower-priced options.
Changes in customer preferences and trends in customer demographics may differ person to person
Products change as technology changes. So salespersons need to keep abreast of these changes such and marketing via social media, etc. Task 3: Communication methods
With the aid of the promotional marketing mix, Skoda can communicate with both their corporate and private customers, and deliver a seemingly unique product to satisfy each customer’s specific needs.

3.1 Different types of marketing communication methods
Advertising is any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas by a given sponsor. These are often the easiest way to get one’s product out there even though it could often put a large hole in the sponsors’ pocket. Advertising reaches a larger audience at any given time than say, personal selling. Skoda could...
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