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Executive Summary
The following report is the marketing plan for the new Nokia Lumia 910G for the global market for the financial year of 2012-2013. After many years of unsuccessful handsets which have lead to a decline in growth, this handset is designed to regain the market share globally and for Nokia to lead into a new generation of developing low cost handsets with high end features with the added benefit of showing to the world that Nokia is environmentally conscious and a proud ambassador for protecting our very fragile planet. The company’s mission statement

“Everyone has a need to communicate and share. Nokia helps fulfill these needs and we help people feel close to what matters. We focus on consumers by providing very human technology” * Commitment to deliver outstanding and innovated products to our customers. We seek to become the number one electronics company throughout the world. * Focused to maintain outstanding relationship with all of customers and distribution partners globally. By maintaining our strong relationship our aim is to become once again the number one handset manufacture globally. The marketing plan will focus on the smartphone and the current line of smartphones that Nokia has introduced, it...
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