Marketing Research Report

Topics: Quantitative research, Scientific method, Null hypothesis Pages: 20 (6920 words) Published: January 26, 2011
Marketing Research Written Report

Middlesex University, Dubai
Abraham Mburu M00234305
Steele Hemmerich
Gautam Kukreja M00292269
Ramakrishnan Ganesh M00289152
Naqqash Alavi

Table of Contents

Executive summary3
Summary of Objectives3
Major findings3
Conclusion and recommendations3
Problem definition4
Research Design5
Qualitative Research6
Quantitative Research7
Questionaire Design8
Data Analysis and Results10

Executive summary
Summary of Objectives
Our prime objective was predominantly to help define and build a leadership brand for Middlesex University. Research groups are an elemental form of scientific collaboration and knowledge production. Group members work face-to-face, sharing work space, objectives, materials, technologies, and hypothesis. We have the project plan which includes how to ‘engage’ students across the University with the brand through more frequent, relevant and meaningful internal communications. Underlying the social solidarity and substantive focus research groups are structural forces that separate the interests of leaders from members, spark competition alongside co-operation. Major findings

Our main objectives were to set out and agree to the core project objectives and scope, to realize the target audience, using research methodology, who and how the research findings would be used, reporting structure and key points of contact and having a proposed timeline. Major findings our clients have accepted our research proposal and have commissioned our group to conduct a quantitative market research survey of around 200 students studying at Middlesex University Dubai. Conclusion and recommendations

The research is being conducted to help define and ultimately build powerful differentiation, positioning and branding in the market place for Middlesex University. A positional that will help makes the university preferably better. The university over the past five years invested over £66million in campus development, cutting edge study and teaching facilities, learning resources and equipments. In our proposal we identified the following management decision problems facing our clients: * Should the clients change the way they communicate with current Middlesex University students studying at all campuses of the University?

Our research objectives are:
* To determine awareness of the different types of communications currently used by Middlesex. * To determine students’ preferences for different channels of communications * To determine attitudes towards communications.

* To determine if needs are different for different groups of students.

Key challenges on how Middlesex University should build and protect the University’s reputation and developing a clear and differentiated brand it needs to continue to diversify its income stream, generating new demand meeting their recruiting targets in the increasingly competitive market. Moreover to understand how to leverage its international presence and worldwide network. To improve on managing expansion programmes and successfully ‘transition’ and embed the programmes and people, and furthermore knowing how to manage the centralizing of services and still keep the quality of services to all staff and students. Problem definition

Background to the problem of the project plan is how to ‘engage’ students across the University with the brand through more frequent, relevant and meaningful internal communications. Middlesex University opened its first overseas campus in Dubai, U.A.E. in January 2005 and has over 1,300 students from over 60 nationalities and offers 25 undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in a wide variety of subject areas. Middlesex University is a global university committed to meeting the needs and ambitions of a culturally and internationally diverse range of students.

Research Design
A research design is a...
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