Marketing Research Proposal

Topics: Google, Research, Interview Pages: 7 (1487 words) Published: April 20, 2011
Capital University of Business and Economic
BTEC Center
Marketing Research Proposal

Course: International Business and Management
Subject: Marketing Research
Unit Level: H2
Code: 8
Assignment 1 (Individual – Research Proposal)
Title: Create win-win situation
Student’s Name: Wang Ranyue
Lecture’s Name: Chen Jing
Due Date: April 18, 2011

Table of contents:

1. Background1
2. Needs for study2
2.1 Needs for business2
2.2 Purpose2
2.3 The reasons to choose Google3
3. Review of the lecture3
4. Research design5
4.1. Type of research5
4.2. Source of information5
4.3. Research method6
5. Timetable8
6. Proposed thesis structure8
7. Expected outcomes9
8. References10

1. Background
In recent years, an increasing number of Chinese companies begin to focus on employees’ satisfaction. Because there are so many experiences evidence that the companies’ business performance has great link with employee’s satisfaction. It just can not be denied that this is an improvement for Chinese companies. But problem is still there that we are lack of practices. Under this situation, we are going to research Google Company, one of the firms that have a comparative high employees’ satisfaction in the world, to share the experience with Chinese companies.

I will conduct my study in Google’s successful of employee satisfaction. We propose three steps in this proposal. First step is to collection the background information about Google Company and the historical improvement of employee satisfaction. We intend to use secondary data by using internet and the library to collect the information. Secondly, we plan a face to face interview to Google’s staffs to determine why they feel satisfaction in Google and what elements the employees concerned most about. At last, we will conclude the information we get and give a analysis to find out how to satisfy employees.

2.Needs for study
2.1 Needs
Business value
In China, managers begin to emphasis the necessity to satisfy employees. Because they know that the employees’ satisfaction can strongly improve the business performance. But the point is how to satisfy the employees? It is obviously that solely use salary incentive is far more enough. How to establish concrete methods in the corporation to satisfy the employees? If we do not identify this question, our effort to satisfy the employees will still not work. We expect that this study can be taken an example by other companies of China to improve their employee satisfaction thereby to improve the employees’ efficiency. 2.2 Purpose

I will spend about half a month to investigate how Google to satisfy its employees, by satisfying which aspects of the employees thus it can obtain a great competition advantages and finally achieve success. Key questions:

What is the main aspect that the employees care about?
In what environment are the employees willing to work harder? What are the aspects that they expect their companies to improve? Does only high salary can satisfy employees?
2.3 The reasons to choose Google
As one of the most successful corporations in the world, Google not only famous for great search engine but also its high level employees satisfaction. Here are the reasons why I choose it. 1. Easy to access information.

Google is the most famous search engine company on the internet, so it is easy to find the information about Google. 2. High reputation in employee satisfaction.
Google was reported have a high employee satisfaction for successive years by the press and was acknowledged has great experiences in satisfy employee. 3. Short distance to interview.
Google’s Chinese headquarter is in Beijing and not far from us, we can get a face to face interview easily.

3. Review of the lecture
1. Author: Harter, J. James K.; Schmidt, Frank L. and Hayes, Theodore L. Title and time: Business-unit-level relationship between employee satisfaction, employee...
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