Marketing Research Paper

Topics: Herbal tea, Convenience store, MTR Pages: 31 (5862 words) Published: April 2, 2012
The School of Professional Education and Executive Development, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
SPD3125 Marketing Research
Semester 1, 2010/11

Group Project

Lecturer: Mr. Ronnie Cheung

Class A01D (M6)
Group members:
Chan Yuet Chong, Connie(10882720S)
Cheung Yan Ho, Jackal(10103383S)
Choi Man Kam, Kimmy (10926640S)
Shek Wing Tung, Wing(10111807S)
Tang Kei Kai, Kenneth(10106268S)
Tang Wing Yin, Geoffrey(10102405S)

Word Count: 3749

Executive Summary3
Management-decision problem4
Research objective4
Research Questions4
Research Design5
Information need5
Data Collection5
Questionnaire Design6
Scaling techniques6
Questionnaire development6
Sampling techniques8
Data Analysis and Findings9
Summary of demographic characteristics9
Consumption Habit analysis10
Attitude Analysis15
Cross tabulation Analysis21
Appendix 1 Questionnaire28
Appendix 2 Hypotheses32
Appendix 3 SPSS result34
Contributions of each member43
Reflective journal Chan Yuet Chong Connie (10882720S)44 Reflective Journal Tang Wing Yin, Geoffrey’s (10102405S)45 Reflective Journal Tang Kei Kai, Kenneth (10106268S)46 Reflective journal Cheung Yan Ho Jackel (10103383S)47 Reflective Journal Shek Wing Tung, Wing (10111807S)48 Reflective Journal Choi Man Kam (10926640S)49

Executive Summary

Hung Fook Tong started the business in 1980s and has operated the herbal tea drinks business for twenty years, it had been growing together with Hong Kong people. Recently, the people are more and more concern health in their daily life. However, because of the fierce competition in this industry such as Healthworks (健康工房), therefore we decided to analyze that how can expand the market share of Hung Fook Tong’s herbal tea through conducting a survey.

We have collected 120 samples in this research, and we found that most of respondents and customers would like to spend HK$11-$20 each time, therefore we suggest Hung Fook Tong should keep the price of herbal tea drinks around HK$11-$20 as far as possible, in order to match with the customers’ perception.

Moreover, Hung Fook Tong is famous and popular in this industry because most of the customers think that the products of Hung Fook Tong are high quality, various choices and convenience. Therefore, Hung Fook Tong can reach the customers’ satisfaction by enhancing and emphasizing these factors. Introduction

Hung Fook Tong started the business in 1980s. Over twenty years, it had been growing together with Hong Kong people, experiencing those treasonable moments. With the spirit of Hong Kong with more than 700 staff members, self-invested factories in Hong Kong and Shenzhen and a sales network with extensive coverage. Together with remarkable products and services, it is confident that it can progress further and bring more innovated products to the customers. The mission of Hung Fook Tong is to cultivate herbal culture and persist to use genuine ingredients and add no preservatives in the products.

In the research, we decided to analyze that how can expand the market share of Hung Fook Tong’s herbal tea. The reason is that Chinese herbal tea might not be popular in specific market; therefore, we want to through the survey to study the main factor which is influencing the customer’s purchases behavior of Chinese herbal tea. Additionally, we through the result of survey to make marketing plan for increase the sales volume and generate the benefits for Chinese herbal tea.

Management-decision problem
Should pay more promotion effort to increase the market share of herbal tea in Hong Kong?

Research objective
Find out consumer’s attitude toward Hung Fook Tong’s herbal tea Determine...
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