Marketing Research Paper

Topics: Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental, Northern Mindanao Pages: 10 (2835 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Chapter 1
I. Executive Summary
A survey is conducted by the students of St. Rita’s College of Balingasag, for them to see whether what kind of pattern the consumers used in purchasing the goods for their consumption. The fundamental purpose of having this kind of survey is to test how the families purchase their goods especially in their daily needs and to meet their life satisfaction.

II. Introduction
It is a fact that the present economic condition of our country is unstable. The prolonged peso devaluation, inflation, huge foreign debt, poverty and unemployment are just some of the economic problems that our country is facing. With this economic condition, we cannot deny the fact that there is problem on how the families are able to purchase the goods needed for their survival. Therefore, as a business administration student, it’s a part of our study to bear witness on the people in Balingasag, Misamis Oriental purchases goods for consumption.

III. Background of the Study
Every family needs to purchase goods that will be enough to sustain the needs of every family member. Specifically, the father and mother are responsible for supplying the needs of their children. Basically, as we have undergone in the study in Management 1 subject, according to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, we must first have the first step; the fulfillment of our physiological needs/basic needs (food, clothing, shelter and etc.) There is a need to conduct a survey for the purchasing pattern among the families in Balingasag, for us to identify what kind of pattern they are using. Our group ascertains if the stores and other business enterprises in Balingasag can be able to supply the needs and wants of the consumers in Balingasag. Specifically, it seeks to determine the following: 1. To determine the demographic profile of the consumers in Balingasag. 2. To identify the system of buying consumer goods.

3. To identify the consumers preference in buying goods.
4. To determine the factors affecting the consumer in buying a product. 5. To observe some of the commodity products in Balingasag.

IV. Theoretical Framework
The proponents developed this conceptual/theoretical paradigm based on the theoretical framework they found from other authors in which the proponents have basis on the working concept of their study. The conceptual framework provides an overview of what is going on the study, which is being examined by the proponents. The factors influencing the purchasing behavior of the consumers such as purchasing the goods daily, weekly, semi-monthly and monthly, were the independent variables because those variables would not be dependable on business enterprises and stores. In the way that the consumer makes their own decision based on the factors that influenced them. The factors influencing the purchasing pattern of the consumers are the dependent variable on the study because they depend on the purchasing pattern the consumers use. The profile of the respondents such as age, gender, religion, family income, educational attainment, number of member in the family are the intervening variable in this framework because this are the important details that describe the behavioral characteristics of the consumers which is found out on the independent and dependent variable and merged to conceptualize the real concept of the study. Through these factors we can identify the system of the consumers in buying goods. Factors Influencing the Purchasing Pattern of Consumers

* Money
* Price
* Product Quality
* Location
Purchasing Pattern of the Consumers

* Daily
* Weekly
* Semi-Monthly
* Monthly
Independent Variable Dependent Variable

Profile of the Respondents

Family Income
Educational Attainment
No. of Family Members

Intervening Variable

Figure1. Conceptual Paradigm
V. Statement of the Problem
This study entails about the...
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