Marketing Research on the Use of Toilet

Topics: Toilet, Toilets, Hygiene Pages: 15 (4315 words) Published: September 22, 2012
Table of Contents
2.1Development of toilet.2
2.2Importance of toilet’s cleanliness.2
3.1Primary research4
3.1.1Observational research4
3.1.2Survey research4
3.1.3Focus group interviewing4
3.2Secondary research4
5.1From the survey6
5.2From the interviews8
5.3From the comparison9
6.1Summary of findings.14
6.2.1The users.15
6.2.2The owners17
6.2.3The cleaner18
Appendix 1: The interview with Ms. Tan Cher Lang, EASB executive director23 Appendix 2: The interview with Ms. Cheong Kwai Heng, EASB cleaner24 Appendix 3: the survey questionnaire.26

4.1 Background
In recent years, toilet hygiene has been one of the most important public health issues, particularly after the spread of SARS. Among those, toilet cleanliness at school is always a top concern. At the beginning of the school year in EASB, many students complained about the toilets and so did the cleaners. The students argued that the cleaners did not do their job properly and the school’s toilet cleanliness does not receive sufficient attention from our school. However, from our point of view, this issue has to be concerned with the responsibilities of the users, EASB owners as well as the cleaners. The hygiene of toilets will reflect the hygiene standard of school. This project will openly discuss about this issue. 4.2 Objectives

Through this project, the students and also the staffs of EASB will have a proper perspective about toilet hygiene at school. By doing this research, we also hope not only to address the causes of toilet’s unhygienic condition but also to suggest possible solutions to improve EASB toilet cleanliness. This project is considered as a long-term project, which means the most important goal is to educate students to behave correctly towards keeping toilets clean.

5.3 Development of toilet.
The era of Toilet started in the third millennium B.C. when it was called the "Age of Cleanliness." Toilets and sewers were invented in several parts of the world. The main type of toilet at that time is stone toilet. The early water flushing toilets were first used in the Indus Valley Civilization, in some later periods, this kind of toilet was used widely. The development of human society led to the improvement of Toilet’s classifications, materials, cleanliness standards… Nowadays, there are many types of toilets: home toilets, public toilets, school toilets, office toilets etc. 5.4 Importance of toilet’s cleanliness.

One of the most important human’s circulations is to pass out the poisonous substances from our bodies which play as agents in disease spreading. Moreover, toilet is the place where people come to wash hands, check appearances, especially in Singapore, to take water for drinking so this is an opportunity for germs to spread rapidly. In addition, since a toilet is always damp, it creates a good condition for germs to grow and threat the users in any time of using. Some dangerous diseases and germs that can attack toilet users include crabs, fungus infection, rash, wet butt (if you forgot to wipe the seat before sitting) and even Hepatitis or itchy ass. Averagely, each person visits a toilet 6 times a day, which means his chance of being infected with dangerous viruses is multiplied by 6 times. Besides, if we keep the toilet clean, these actions will set good examples for the young generations. The effect will lead to the better lives for our all. In Singapore, "For us, toilet etiquette reflects Singaporeans' culture. It tells people how civilized we are," President Tan Pay Holon of The Restroom Association of Singapore (RAS) said,...
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