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Exclusive Summary

As you know Thailand has many brand of donut and last year have new brand come to Thailand it is Krispy Kreme Doughnut. First time that they promote everyone interesting and exciting about that. Now it not interesting like beginning period. So, our group would like to study about customer preference and want to know about customer satisfaction with price, place, taste and location of Krispy Kreme Doughnut. We try to know all customer think with Krispy Kreme Doughnut and also our competitor. We use many methods to do the research. For this research we get some limitation from whether, time, confusing with questionnaire, and etc. As we research we get good information back for analyze the data and code data for do graph.

A Humble Beginning
• Krispy Kreme Began More Than 70 Years Ago In Winston-Salem, NC • Our Founder, Vemon Rudolph, Bought a Yeast-Raised Doughnut Recipe From a Chef in New Orleans.
• Today, All Krispy Kreme Stores Use the Same Proprietary Recipe That Was Used 70 Years Ago!
1940s & 1950s
A History of Innovation 40s&50s
• Improving the doughnut Making process through Innovation from the Beginning
• Krispy Kreme Was the First to Automate the Doughnut Making Process Soon After We Opened.

• These Innovation Remain the Foundation of Our Doughnut-Making Process Today
1960s & 1970s
The Store Experience 60s & 70s (Our Stores are Fun Gathering place for Friends) • The Store Expereince is the Brand for Our Customers. • For Year, Krispy Kreme Stores Have Been Fun Places for Friends and Families to Gather

• Our “Doughnut Theatre” and You Team’s Great Customer Service are Critical Components.
1980s & 1990s
Hot Original Glazed 80s & 90s (The famous hot doughnut experience) • Krispy Kreme Signature Product Original is Our Original Glazed • Our World Famous “Hot Now” Sign Signals To consumers that making Fresh Product

• Customer Young and Old Love Watching the Doughnuts Being Made

Growing the Brand Worldwide (Sharing the Krispy Kreme experience) • Today, Krispy Kreme has Stores in the United States, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia.
• We have More Than 500 Stores in 18 Countries
• More than 60% of Krispy Kreme’s Stores are Now Outside the US • This Year, Krispy Kreme Hopes to Open Our First Stores in Dominican Republic, Thailand and Taiwan!
Krispy Kreme in Thailand
• Krispy Kreme open in Thailand at Siam Paragon since 28 Sep, 2010

Situation Analysis
First Krispy Kreme launchs in Bangkok at Siam Paragon. It has a Krispy Kreme trend because they have promotion for 100 prople get free Krispy Kreme but the first person of 100 people will get Krispy Kreme free all year. People very interest and excited about Krispy Kreme. Before it lunch in Bangkok, it reputation in aboard. For first 4-5 months, it has very long queues out of Siam Paragon. Someone who waiting in queues for re-sell all opposite side at Siam Paragon, they will up price about 10-20 baht per piece or someone get 50-100 baht per box for waiting in queues instead of the person who want it. Now Krispy Kreme is quiet, no body waiting for buy Krispy Kreme, you can walk to the shop and buy it without waiting in long queues. Now it has variety for favors, first it launches only original favor.

Research Objective
• To study Krispy Kreme Customer Preference.
• To know customer satisfaction with price.
• To know customer satisfaction with place such as atmosphere, decoration and convenience. • To know customer satisfaction with taste such as soft and sweet. • To know...
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