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cMarketing Research Report

KFC Pakistan

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KFC Pakistan (Lahore)

Table of Contents
Business objectives3
Research objectives3
Research design4
Scope of study4
Respondent profile5
Executive summary6
Qualitative study6
Quantitative study7

With over 60 outlets in 18 major cities, and local monthly procurements exceeding Rs 35 million, there is no doubt that KFC is a major player in the fast food industry of Pakistan. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of ‘Cupola’ which is a Dubai based multinational company. KFC Pakistan enjoys stable sales throughout the year with very little uncertainty of demand. The high levels of stability in demand also mean that growth in sales and profits remains a tough challenge for the management. Therefore, in order to maximize profits, the managers have to constantly improve the menu and keep introducing new products at regular intervals. They’ve got to ensure that each offering serves the right customers, at the right time, and is of the right quality. Anything less, is not acceptable. In recent times, the management of the company has noticed that the sales of the ‘Add Ons’ (Arabian Rice & Corn on the Cob) is below the desirable level. The management argues that the very purpose of ‘Add Ons’ is to expand sales by forcing customers to increase their orders, which is not being fulfilled. However, the case against ‘Add Ons’ is only based upon personal judgment and sales trends. Therefore, the company is interested to carry out a marketing research which measures the performance of these ‘Add Ons’, and also predicts consumer response if these items were replaced with deserts. Business objectives

The Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) company has lots of business objectives. And their objective is not just money; the goal is to give each customer the great experience of fast quality food with KFC to provide a better, faster servicebetter customer service to beat competitors such as McDonalds, Hardees and Pizza Hut. In order to keep pressure on the competitors and to cater to the customer changing need is the basic objective of KFC.

Research objectives
The objectives of carrying out this research are listed below: * To measure the prevailing consumer perceptions regarding KFC. * To measure the perception and effectiveness of the Add-ons (Arabian Rice & Corn on the Cob) being offered by KFC. * To generate ideas for the replacement of the current Add-ons. Research design

Survey research is adopted. Survey research is the most widely used method for primary data collection. It approaches the best suited for gathering descriptive information, and it could help to understand people's knowledge, attitudes, preferences, or buying behavior. The marketing research we carried out is primary in nature whereas we used both quantitative and qualitative methods for our research. In the marketing research we aim to gain people's attitudes towards the Add-ons of KFC, their preferences of foods, and the buying behavior in KFC ,to measure the perception and effectiveness of the Add-ons so survey research is suitable for us to collect these kinds of data. Methodology

Quantitative and qualitative research techniques will be used. Data collection methods
Two of the most common research methods to collect the data from the public will be used. The two categories include focus group interviews and surveys. In our research we will be using random sampling and convenience sampling. Random sampling is the purest form of probability sampling we will conduct approximately 2 focus groups to get an insight of the consumers. Convenience sampling which is a non-probability method will also be used during our preliminary research efforts to get a gross estimate of the results, without incurring that much cost or time. Total questionnaires to be filled: 100

Total focus groups to be conducted: 2
Scope of...
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