Marketing Research Example

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  • Published: August 4, 2008
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Kimberly Block
Jody Brogan
Brittany Caple
Destinie Schirle

Table of Contents

Executive Summary1
Service Overview2
Target Market 3
Problem Statement 4
Research Plan 4-5
Primary Research 6
Secondary Research 6
Sample Survey 7
Test Pilot Report 8
Focus Group 8
Recommendations 8
Works Cited 9

Executive Summary

JoBDeK Research will perform research to collect and compile data regarding the Blackhawk Technical College Financial Aid Department’s service and favorability among current students. Our goal is to answer the question “What are students’ attitudes towards the Financial Aid Department at Blackhawk Technical College?” We will be looking for satisfaction and dissatisfaction with the Financial Aid Department at Blackhawk Technical College.

We at JoBDeK have started the marketing research process by compiling data and creating research tools to help us respond to the Management dilemma.

Destinie Schirle has researched the service and provided an overview of the Financial Aid Department. Destinie will also address the target market and the demographics.

Jody Brogan has formatted the research plan and has detailed the steps we will use to gather information and make recommendations.

Brittany Caple has addressed the primary and secondary research tools that JoBDeK will be using, which include surveys and interviews.

Kimberly Block has developed a sample survey using a likert scale which will be distributed to research participants. Questions to be addressed include topics such as service and timeliness. She has also formatted a focus group discussion in order to obtain a deeper insight to any perceived problems.

By collecting qualitative data, JoBDek hopes to help Blackhawk Technical College improve the service in the Financial Aid Department and to improve their image among the students.

Service Overview

The BTC Financial Aid Department is intended to help student who need...
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