Marketing Research

Topics: Marketing, Internal validity, External validity Pages: 2 (385 words) Published: March 28, 2012
In establishing the need for marketing research, which of the following would serve as a good decision rule for managers?
A) ensuring that competitors are using marketing research. Therefore, a company considering marketing research would not be at a competitive disadvantage B) determining the value to be derived from marketing research C) determining the cost of conducting marketing research

D) weighing the value derived from the marketing research with the cost of obtaining the marketing research information E) ensuring that subordinates are in favor of conducting the marketing research

A marketing strategy consists of selecting a segment of the market as the company's target market and designing the proper:
A) products for that target market
B) "mix" of product/service, price, promotion, and distribution for that market C) promotion for that target market
D) incentives to allow a large percentage of the target market to purchase goods and services from the company E) properly defining the marketing "mission statement"

Which of the issues below best illustrates researchers falsifying data in order to make the findings consistent with predetermined points of view:

A) lack of research integrity
B) lack of the use of PRC's who would not falsify data for any reason C) when clients use fake "research funds provided" to underbid projects D) lack of the use of data falsification software
E) use of data falsification software

Symptoms are:

A) causes of the marketing research problem
B) changes in resources as a result of the marketing management problem C) changes in the level of some key monitor that measures the achievement of some objective D) changes in the level of some key objective that measures the achievement of some monitor E) all of the above

What type of experimental validity is concerned with the extent that the relationship observed between the independent and dependent variable during the experiment...
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