marketing research

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  • Published: September 28, 2013
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Marketing Research
Marketing research is a broad concept that includes market research. These 2 business concepts are often confused by the novice entrepreneur. Market research is research into a specific market, a narrowly focused concept. In contrast, marketing research includes market research but also includes an exploration of the industry, products, and the production and distribution components of an industry. Marketing research links the consumer/customer, producer, distribution channels, and the respective company to evaluate marketing actions. Findings from the marketing research should be utilized to develop the marketing plan.1

Prior to beginning marketing research, the nurse entrepreneur should outline his or her specific marketing goals and objectives. The marketing objectives should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time specific. There are various strategies to engage in marketing research. Such strategies can be classified as either primary or secondary data sources. Primary data sources include such strategies as on-line research using surveys or questionnaires; attending nursing and trade association meetings, or conducting interviews and focus groups. Data collected from these primary data sources are gathered through direct observation or interviewing consumers.2 Secondary data sources include such strategies as accessing trade magazines, libraries, or reviewing newspaper articles.2 Both primary and secondary sources of data are essential when conducting marketing research. This column will present a few research strategies to conducing marketing research. Nursing and Trade Association Meetings

Nurse entrepreneurs should attend nursing association meetings to market their services but also to explore the competitors present. In addition to nursing discipline-specific association meetings, the nurse entrepreneur must attend and explore trade association meetings that are specific to their service or product industry....
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