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Marketing Research

By | April 2010
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Nestle wants to conduct an advertising campaign for increasing the consumption of their brand munch which is primarily targeted to youth. They are proposing this through mass media (TV) across the country targeting mainly the urban consumers. By the time they go on Air, Cadbury’s would be there on Air with their most successful ad campaign on Perk. You are asked by Nestle to evaluate the advertising campaign against Cadbury’s and also evaluate the impact of the same. Design a study for this.

You are requested only to design the study, not required to design the questionnaires etc.

This includes problem definition, defining research objectives, drafting information areas, defining target respondents, estimating sample sizes, geographical coverage and putting sampling strategy.

“A great product or service with a strong identity and excellent packaging can still miss the mark if no one knows about it. Ideally, advertising presents consumers with an offer they want or a message to which they can relate, communicated in a way that motivates them to action.

Advertising campaigns are routinely researched to ensure that their intended messages are getting through to the right audiences. That's the problem - the testing is routine. Strong, creative messages need customized research to make sure that novel approaches get the consideration they deserve and that new offering are not lost in the clutter.” (IMRB)

Management problem:

To increase consumption of Nestlé’s chocolate brand Munch which is targeted to youth

To evaluate effectiveness of Nestlé’s Munch mass media advertising campaign as compared to Cadbury’s Perk advertisement campaign.

To evaluate effect of adverting campaigns on market share of both chocolates and on consumers.

Research Proposal

A written statement of the research design that includes a statement explaining the purpose of the study •Detailed outline of procedures associated with a particular methodology


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